MakeUp Eraser Original Makeup Eraser 7 Day Set - LTD Edition Prints

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3600 single use wipes = is equal to one MakeUp Eraser

Erase all makeup with JUST WATER™ including waterproof makeup and mascara! The original and patented makeup eraser is activated by water and the cloud-soft fibers gently and easily remove all makeup and sunscreen from pores!

Plus, it gets better - this is a 2-in-1 reusable face cloth as one side erases makeup and one side exfoliates skin!

The Original MakeUp Eraser® is non-irritating and non-drying, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It's non-comedogenic, safe for lash extensions, & entirely oil-free for a fresh, comfortable experience.

  • Every MakeUp Eraser will last you 3-5 years or 1,000 machine washes!
  • Dermatologist Recommended for sensitive skin
  • SmartErase™ Technology
  • Reusable & machine washable
  • Great for heavy makeup
  • Clinically proven to remove makeup 2.5x better than the leading brand of makeup wipes

  • 2 in 1 benefit to erase makeup with the short fibers & exfoliate skin with the long fibers

  • The Original MakeUp Eraser is antibacterial. Each fiber is so tiny that it is nearly impossible for bacteria to live and grow.


  1. Machine wash prior to first use.
  2. Fully soak your MakeUp Eraser in warm water.
  3. First, use the short fiber side to remove your makeup then flip over to long fiber side (side with tag) to pick up anything leftover & exfoliate the skin.
  4. Continue with your normal skincare routine after using your MakeUp Eraser. It's best to erase & exfoliate with your MakeUp Eraser first, then use your cleanser etc. on your bare skin afterwards.
  5. TIP: We recommend using in sections and machine washing once a week.


The Original MakeUp Eraser® is designed with advanced fiber technology for superior makeup removal. Its unique fiber composition, including thickness and density, maximizes skin contact for efficient cleaning. The microfibers work through electrostatic and Van der Waals forces, effectively capturing makeup particles at a microscopic level.

Enhanced by water-induced polarization, the fibers adhere to and lock in makeup, ensuring a thorough and gentle clean. This design not only provides effective cleaning with minimal irritation but also offers impressive durability and reusability, maintaining its quality and effectiveness for up to 100 washes. The Original MakeUp Eraser® combines scientific principles with practical design for an exceptional user experience.

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