The Odd One Out Podcast


Being The Odd One Out can be one hell of a lonely place but as soon as you embrace that you’re different, you’ll realise it’s the most powerful thing you can be!

I started Plastic Freedom in 2018 as a hobby in my spare time to make it easier for everyone to make changes in their life; I realised that if I could do the hard work for everyone by researching products, companies, packaging and ingredients, then only offer products that were truly eco, people were more than willing to make changes!

Within two weeks of deciding to start my business, I’d built my website, my products arrived and everything sold out in the first weekend! It was then 10 months of juggling a rapidly expanding business whilst still working full time and trying to maintain a social life that I decided it was time to quit my job to go it alone with Plastic Freedom.

It’s now been three years since I sat in my living room building my website and I’ve moved from my spare room, to a bigger unit and now into a 3500sq ft warehouse with seven staff that I couldn’t live without!

I’ve been told that I alone could not make a difference, been called every name under the sun for being ‘different’, I’ve lost relationships, friendships and at times felt like giving up. Throughout all of this I’ve dug deep and continued to push forward, prioritise life and live it unapologetically the way I want and prove to everyone that one person can have a bigger impact than you could ever imagine.

I wanted to create this podcast to give you the inside scoop on what it’s really like running a business, how to make the most of life’s rollercoasters and show just how many people are fighting for the environment daily. These humans inspire me, make me challenge the way I look at life and are making waves across the world!

Episode 1 - Chris Noy

As soon as I decided I wanted to do a podcast I knew my first guest had to be my dad! He is someone I have always seen as a huge inspiration to me in life and business as he’s always taught me that being The Odd One Out is one of the best things you can be!

From starting a windsurfing school, to selling snowboards and now running one of the biggest bike companies in the UK, he still lives by his own rules, hides away from any technology and will dance anyone under the table!

In this podcast we’re probably going to learn some things about each other that we’ve never asked or talked about, because in normal life when do you ever just casually interview your dad?

Known as the Silver Surfer to many, an instant legend to everyone that meets him and to me, my dad, the one and only Chris Noy...

Episode 2 - James Martin

James Martin is a daily inspiration for me and I have been stalking his work for years! He creates the most insane branding for companies and when he said he would take on my ideas for Plastic Freedom, he transformed my business!

James has been high on my list for The Odd One Out podcast because he is the perfect example of how being dedicated to your passion and being consistent with how you work can turn something you love into your livelihood!

There is no more introduction needed for the legend, the one and only, James Martin...