How did it all begin?

For those that have followed me from the start, you will remember the days when I was running Plastic Freedom from my spare room at home, whilst still working a full time job. It was side 'hobby' that quickly turned into something I was never expecting!

I literally started with a bedside table filled with toothbrushes and stock from my favourite brands and invested about £300 of my own money into my first load of stock.

Everyone sold out in the first weekend and I had to frantically buy more in the evening whilst away with work! 

It was then that I knew there was a really want for change in the world and the journey began...

The first move and hiring my team!

The first 11 months of Plastic Freedom where an absolute whirlwind of very little sleep, still trying to juggle my other job and getting products out as quickly as possible to everyone that wanted to make changes!

I then by chance saw this unit available near my house and I knew it was time to make the move. I quit my job (well, I worked for my dad who basically told me I had to leave to follow my passion) and began the move to the new unit with Smurf by my side!

I took on my first few staff and I can not tell you how much fun it's been building the business with  great humans by my side!

The Plastic Freedom Warehouse

I still can not believe we are now in our very own Plastic Freedom warehouse! It is very much still a work in progress (due to the move having to happen during lockdown and a lot of work stopping) but I could not be happier!

This just shows the power we have to really make changes; I started Plastic Freedom with a very limited number of products and now I have so many companies approaching me about stocking their plastic free items that we have a warehouse full!

I can not wait to see where the future of the plastic free movement is going and you will always be with me on the journey to see behind the scenes, the struggles, the wins and all the fun inbetween!

My Move to Cornwall

During lockdown it became very apparent to me that the move into the new warehouse really has set Plastic Freedom up for future expansion and growth. I realised that to keep me driven in my mission to change the world, when it comes to plastic pollution, I needed to be connected to the ocean and surrounded by people fighting for the same thing.

That's when I made the decision to move down to Newquay in Cornwall and run Plastic Freedom remotely from there! I have only been down there for a short amount of time and already doors have opened for my business, my creative mind is flowing and I feel even more inspired than ever to keep going!

I literally have the BEST team at Plastic Freedom who will continue to run the warehouse from Southport and this is going to be an exciting journey for all of us! 

Thinking back to last year when I was still working on my own, from my spare room at home to now having full team working with me, who support everything I do, I couldn't even dream of making this move without their help, support and love!

Who knows what is coming next, but that's the most exciting thing about life and I can't wait to take you all with me on this journey...