Since May 2019
Please note from 12/04 we are no longer planting a tree for each order, Why? I want to focus on different charities that help the planet which we can support throughout the year! There is amazing people doing things around the world and whilst I will definitely be looking at planting trees again in the future, I know Plastic Freedom can help so many people in so many different ways! Keep checking back for our launch on this very soon!

Every order = x1 tree planted

It's so important for me to be mindful of everything, not just try and fix one issue (plastic pollution) and create another, by using a lot more cardboard and paper when shipping out orders!

Everything we send to you with your order is designed to be reused (keep your tissue paper for gift wrap) and I always look to source my packaging from FSC certified and/or recycled companies too! But, I felt this wasn't enough...

You'll hear so much it the news and from scientists about climate change that planting trees could be one of the things that really help to improve the health of the planet. It's easy to feel helpless when it comes to what we can do but planting trees is something I can, every day, and with your support, we are planting SO many trees with One Tree Planted which is something that really makes me happy to my core!

Remember I always say we are powerful as individuals; this is more proof of that!