Grab a eco bargain before summer is up

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We're clearing out one off pieces, saying goodbye to brands closing down and making space for new brands on their way!

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the fun of summer has to finish. It also doesn't mean you cannot take full advantage of our Summer Sale and pick up some gems that will see you through those autumn and winter months. From SPF, which lets face it we need to be wearing all year round, to cool bags to keep you adventure ready whatever the weather. Our final summer sale is the one! 

Do you wear SPF all year round?

If you do, then maybe now is the time to stock up. We have some amazing SPF products in our summer sale and what better to restock then when they are on sale! 

From the amazing reef safe Sunbum, to the wonderful skincare brand UpCircle

We have got some of the best SPF products on the market and whats better is they are on sale, yes they are available for a bargain price, but you know the score… not for long! 

UpCircle SPF

Summer isn't the only time for adventures

Are you the kind of person that adventures whatever the weather, if so, you're our kind of people! Whether it's a picnic on the beach, a hike up a mountain or a big of camping out in the elements. 

We have got some great adventure kit in our summer sale, that isn't just fit for summer!


Summer time wine all year long

Wines to bring you the taste of summer, even when the nights draw in, we have got that!

Sea Change make the most delicious, eco wines on the market and their Rose and Whites are utterly divine. If you love wine, but have never tried them, maybe it's time to give them a go, especially while they are on sale!

We have a great Sea Change Signature Pack available, which we feel is a great introduction into the world of Sea Change wines.  


Here are some other wines we think you might love, perfect for summer and beyond.


August 18, 2023 — Corinne Jones