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BAGGU Reusable Packable Recycled Bag - Baby

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This reusable bag is a smaller version of the best selling reausable shopping bags from BAGGU. Not only looks amazing but is an almighty alternative to a plastic carrier bag! Prefect for your lunch or a trip to your local shop it folds into a flat 4" × 4" pouch so you can have it handy wherever you are!

As most reusable bags you can pick up in the supermarkets are plastic these are an awesome alternative to those who want 'proper' shopping bag over a tote! PLUS they are made from 100% recycled materials from pre-consumer waste which means scrap material have been saved from landfill, and in turn helping conserve petroleum resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions!


All of our Ripstop Nylon styles, including our namesake reusable bags, are made with 100% recycled material. We're using a recycled nylon filament yarn produced from pre-consumer waste, which means we're saving scrap material from landfill, and in turn helping conserve petroleum resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also use environmentally responsible dyes that are fully absorbed by the material during production, minimizing runoff


  • Carries up to 50lbs comfortably in hand
  • Folds into its own flat 4" × 4" pouch
  • Measures 18" × 10" × 4"
  • Recycled ripstop polyester
  • Machine washable


"Our products are ethically manufactured in China, where we have long standing relationships with our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 140001 certified manufacturers. For our product line and the materials we work with, China offers the most advanced manufacturing technology and ethical work practices. Manufacturing facilities are audited yearly by an independent third party to ensure they are upholding standards of occupational health and safety, and humane work hours and wages are enforced."

Customer Reviews

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Cute bag

sophie d.p.
super cute bag

i didn’t realise how small the bag would actually be, it’s smaller than a standard tote bag (by an inch or two length and width wise) but it fits 6 standard british paperbacks or about two to three pairs of jeans. other than that it’s super cute and very sturdy

This is my second one

I bought the larger one first and this is my second one,this small size is just as strong and useful and the larger one, prefect for a few small items and i love the fact it keeps everything you carry dry.
They are very easy to fold away and just as easy to pop in small back pack when i go do my shopping, i never forget a reusable that way 100% recommended 👊