#plasticfreejuly is here and it's our favourite time of year! It's a way to spread awareness about the little swaps we can all make in our daily lives which have a huge knock on effect in businesses, the local area and government to really makes waves!

All month we'll have flash sales, special offers, freebies up for grabs online and in our Shepherd's Bush store and you can even earn commission when you recommend swaps to friends! Keep checking back or sign up to our newsletter to get all the goodies straight to your inbox!


I'm often asked about how to begin making plastic free changes and for me what helped the most was looking around my house, making a list of all the current plastic items I used and then making a plan for what I could swap them for.

I've created this free downloadable habit tracker to help you in the different areas of your life you want to make plastic free swaps - it will be your new normal before you know it!