Truthbrush Bamboo Toothbrush - Year Supply

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This NEW version of the Truthbrush looks the same to the naked eye but now comes with plant based bristles! The bristles are made with 100% castor bean oil and so contain more plant and less petrochemicals!

This is a pack of 4 Truthbushes and will last you a year!

The bamboo toothbrush from Truthbrush is beautiful, luxurious and biodegradable. The rounded ergonomic handle is crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo which is naturally anti bacterial.

By switching to bamboo toothbrushes you could save 1000's of plastic toothbrushes entering the oceans throughout your life time. Every single plastic toothbrush you've used in your life time is still on the planet and that just seems crazy to me!

Try your first bamboo toothbrush and you'll never go back!

Tip - I save my old ones for cleaning hard to reach places in the house and only get rid when I really need to!


  • 100% Castor bean oil bristles means 100% plastic free!
  • 4 pack of truthbrushes to last you a year!
  • Beautiful, luxurious as well as biodegradable
  • Medium bristles, castor oil based to care for your teeth and gums
  • Cruelty free and vegan
  • Award winning truthbrush won the first prize at both the Eco Excellence and Veggie Awards


I was horrified when I thought about how many toothbrushes I've used in my lifetime and that they are all on this planet to this date. Just take a second and actually think about it... now you're ready to switch to bamboo! I wish I had discovered these sooner and I feel as though my teeth are cleaner, whiter and all round healthier from using a bamboo toothbrush!

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Tatyana L.

        just the best toothbrush ever.

        Robyn G.
        My fave toothbrushes!!

        Best bamboo brushes with firm bristles, love!!

        Holly H.
        Perfect and pretty swap!

        Beautifully made toothbrushes, I come back to them all the time! Perfect and affordable swap to ditch the plastic!

        Emma W.
        Good quality

        Really happy with our new toothbrushes