The Natural Love Company Arnica Weighted Metal Butt Plugs - x3 Pack

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Prepare to be enchanted by The Natural Love Company Arnica, a set of three weighted metal butt plugs, designed for discerning pleasure seekers. With their refined brass colouring and elegant emerald jewel accents, these plugs exude allure. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of anal play or a curious newcomer, Arnica promises to elevate your pleasure with its impeccable craftsmanship and undeniable charm.

As you ease Arnica into place, the cool metal sends shivers down your spine, heightening your senses with every movement. With each subtle shift, the weighted design gently reminds you of its presence, igniting a fire of arousal that courses through your body.

So, what is a Butt Plug, anyway? 

A Butt Plug is a versatile and stimulating sex toy designed for anal play. Typically featuring a tapered or bulbous shape that gradually widens, a flared base, and a slender neck, a butt plug is inserted into the anus for pleasurable sensations. Its primary function is to provide a feeling of fullness and pressure, enhancing arousal and stimulation during solo or partnered sexual activities. Butt plugs come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs to suit different preferences and experience levels. Whether used for preparation before anal intercourse, as a form of sexual exploration, or for extended wear during everyday activities, a butt plug offers a wide range of intimate possibilities.

Arnica offers a range of 3 weights and sizes, catering to beginners and advanced users alike, ensuring a comfortable and personalised experience for every experience level. Its sleek ergonomic shape is designed for easy and pleasurable insertion and comfortable wear, while the elegant emerald-coloured jewel adds a touch of allure to your intimate play. Crafted from metal, Arnica is perfect for temperature play, allowing you to experiment with sensations by heating or cooling the plug before use in hot or cold water. The safe base width ensures peace of mind during wear, providing stability and preventing unwanted travel during your adventures. 

Enhance your experience with Arnica by pairing it with TNLC Simply Lube, ensuring smooth and pleasurable insertion. After each use, store Arnica in its convenient cotton drawstring bag, keeping it discreetly tucked away until your next sensual rendezvous. Plus, with TNLC’s commitment to sustainability, you can rest assured knowing that Arnica arrives in plastic-free packaging, reflecting our dedication to both your pleasure and the planet.


  • From Smallest to Largest:

    Length: 7cm (2.8 inches)
    Maximum Diameter: 2.7cm (1.1 inches)
    Weight: 52g (1.8 oz)

    Length: 8.2cm (3.2 inches)
    Maximum Diameter: 3.3cm (1.3 inches)
    Weight: 85g (3 oz)

    Length: 9.5cm (3.7 inches)
    Maximum Diameter: 4cm (1.6 inches)
    Weight: 140g (4.9 oz)

The Natural Love Company are seriously changing the way we look at the sex toy industry; they plant a tree for every order, use ZERO plastic packaging, no single use batteries and run their business on renewable energy whilst being carbon negative too! You can't get much better than that, and that's before you've even tried their sustainable sex toys!

"F**k yourself, not the planet**


We shouldn't have to hide our goodies but we all know life likes to throw a curve ball and at the exact moment your nan is heading over, your package will arrive 


 All Plastic Freedom After Dark parcels arrive in discreet packaging; a brown box and paper tape with our logo on to be exact!

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