If you’re anything like us, you love gifting, that moment when you watch your loved one open a present you have spent hours sourcing. The joy spread across their face. It’s a beautiful moment that shouldn’t have to come at a cost to the planet or yourself. You might wonder where we are going here but stick with us. We are about to dive into eco-gifting, not just gifts made ethically; we will explore second-hand gifting and buying less.

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"Eco gifting, it’s not just being something made using sustainable materials or that’s been ethically made, but it can also be something you have bought second hand."

Have you ever considered a secondhand Christmas?

Shopping on Facebook Marketplace, Depop, Vinted or finding independent vintage and second-hand sellers on Instagram is a great way to make this Christmas more circular. 

Do the kids need brand new? In most cases, no, will they know that their toy is preloved? Probably not. So, if you’re looking to shake things up a little this Christmas, get hunting for a second-hand alternative to your Christmas wish list. 

Buy one wonderful sustainable present, and opt for a secret Santa between the entire family, reducing the waste, and cost and allowing you to buy quality, not quantity

We all know Christmas is about time with the people you love, not about the gifts you receive, but we also know it’s a beautiful part that doesn’t have to leave you worrying about the financial and environmental impact. 

Here are some of our favourite ways to give eco gifts this year

  • Shop secondhand: Social media is an ideal space for shopping secondhand. With eBay, Vinted and Depop being well-known as the big hitters in the secondary market, they are a great place to start. Even closer to home is Facebook Marketplace, with people in your neighbourhood selling items they no longer need. Many of them unwanted toys and gifts. Do you really need to give assistance with the original packaging? Well, no is the answer. 
  • Vintage treasures: Secondhand items, yes, they are, but vintage items have a new level of awesomeness. They tell a story, were made with more care, and were made to last and have a group or character that most unused items can only dream of. The selling apps we mentioned all have vintage sections but don't forget to hit up local vintage markets or antique/vintage shops in your town. It's a win-win; you're buying secondhand and supporting a local business.

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Eco Gifting ideas from Plastic Freedom

We have selected some of our favourite eco gifts from the Plastic Freedom site. Hopefully, it might make your Christmas shopping a little easier; let us try and take on some of the work. So it back, grab a cuppa and feast your eyes on our top eco gifts for this festive season. 

Hopefully, after reading this blog, you will be full of inspiration and ideas and not only that, you've realised that there are other ways of gifting and showing your love. Christmas is about the memories, shared moments, and checking in on the ones you love. Give a little, give a lot, but the most important thing is to provide what you can afford. Think outside the box and get creative. Enjoy the process as much as the gifting. 

October 20, 2022 — Corinne Jones
Tags: Eco Gifting