"Let us help you have a more eco friendly Christmas for the little ones."

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Christmas is quite possibly the most magical time for kids; their imaginations run wild with the excitement of gifts and treats. It's a time when the kids go a little wild, and the run-up can feel a little overwhelming for the adults. Christmas's endless list and festive demands can feel a little exhausting and financially draining. The prospect of piles of wrapping paper, plastic, cardboard and toys that break after very little play time, can feel is enough to taint the sparkle of this time of year. However, it doesn't have to be this way. An eco friendly Christmas doesn't have to break the bank and negatively impact the planet. Let's make this an Eco Friendly Christmas for the kids. What are we talking about? How can we make this festive season more ethical? 

First step

Ask yourself what they need if you want to have an eco friendly Christmas. 

We all have so much "stuff", and do we/they need more "stuff"? Maybe set a limit on the number of gifts you might buy. Instead, opt for this delightful idea of buying one gift to read, one gift to wear, one gift to play and one gift to eat. Be more conscious about what you're buying rather than going crazy and filling up your baskets with things they don't need, tohave a more eco friendly Christmas. 

Eco gift wrapping

Buy Second Hand

We have said it, buy second-hand toys and gifts for your kids, with so many great apps like Vinted, Depop, Facebook Market Place and Gum Tree, to name a few. You can access nearly anything you want for a fraction of the cost for an eco friendly Christmas, keeping that circular economy flowing. Second-hand gifting is on the rise, and it shouldn't stop when it comes to Christmas; whether it's clothes, toys, tech devices or books, why not try shopping second-hand before you hit up your usual stores, so you can have a more eco friendly Christmas? 

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Shop Eco

There are endless ethical and eco friendly Christmas alternatives to your kid's favourites. In addition, we stock some great items for your babies and kids. Check out our babies and kids section here

There are also epic brands making toys from recycled plastics and ethically sourced materials on the market, which make perfect eco friendly Christmas presents. When looking for ethical toys, find out where they are made, the materials used, and how they are packaged and let that help you decide where you wish to shop for an eco friendly Christmas this year. 

Eco Christmas Presents

Less is more

Kids may not always think so, but less is more, especially for an eco friendly Christmas. That age-old saying "Quality over quantity". You know it makes sense. We don't need to go crazy; those sights of piles on piles of toys wrapped in plastic send shivers down our spines. The waste created is unnecessary; spending money doesn't need to be obscene. Remember, it's just one day. A day that can be filled with joy even without hundreds of presents. 

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October 20, 2022 — Corinne Jones