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Christmas is hot on our heals, we can almost smell the mulled wine and mince pies. As the festive season calls, we thought what better time to shed some light on the wonderful world of Eco Advent Calendars. They won’t leave you with wasteful packaging, but they will leave you with the joyful feeling and magic during the advent season. So, if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly Christmas look no further, we have got you covered, but you might be asking yourself, what’s really wrong with the old traditional advent calendar? 

Let us break it down for you, did you know what an extra three million tons of plastic waste is generated every festive season in the UK. You read that correctly, three million, which blows our mind. If you’re going to be doing your part to reduce that number then a great place to start would be switching out the old traditional advent calendars stuffed with that dreaded plastic inner for more eco advent calendars like one you can fill with your own eco gifts or delicious homemade treats. If a “do it yourself” calendar doesn’t appeal to you, then we have some dreamy eco alternates that can be delivered straight to your door or sent as a gift. 

Here are our top two Eco Advent Calendars for the whole family. 

The one for the chocolate lover

Tony’s Chocolonely Christmas Countdown Calendar

The whole team at Plastic Freedom loves Tony's eco advent calendars! We each get one every year!

Tony's Chocolonely flavours with a chocolate each day to celebrate each day leading up to Christmas! Not only that, each day there will be a Tiny mission, and as a reward open up a window with Fair trade chocolate inside! Enough to taste and to share, because hey it's Christmas after all!


  • Plastic Free Eco Advent Calendars
  • Each day there will be a Tiny mission, and as a reward open up a window with Fair trade chocolate inside!
  • Fairtrade cocoa, sugar and honey.
  • Sugar with mass balance. Minimal 69%.
  • Chocolate includes: dark, milk, white chocolate with almond, hazelnut, nougat, sea salt, caramel, pretzel, freeze-dried raspberry, popping sugar!
  • Suitable for vegetarians (not suitable for vegans but check out the vegan range!)

Now you're armed with the knowledge that eco advent calendars don't need to be packed full of plastic, you can make the choice on which option works well for you. Whether it's a DIY alternative, or one of our awesome calendars, we hope you love Eco Advent Calendars alternatives as much as we do. 

The one for the beauty lover

Upcircle Twelve Days Of Beauty 

One of the best eco advent calendars we've come across is this amazing calendar from Upcircle is their first ever calendar and the perfect festive treat with 12 BRAND NEW products to try! 

Upcircle have been listening closely to your feedback and have created these products exclusively for this calendar.  

Don't forget to scan the QR code on the back of the calendar to give them your personal feedback.  They will be deciding which products to launch in 2023 based on this feedback, which is so exciting! If this isn't your favourite beauty eco advent calendar, next years release will surely be!

We can't release any more information about the individual products at this stage but the will be sure it contains so highly-requested and very exciting products.  From skincare to accessories! The products range from 15ml - 120mls with the average being 60ml! 


Tiny Tony's Milk Chocolate Dispenser

For those of you that already have your own advent calendars to refill, the Tony's Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Dispenser contains 100 mini plastic free chocolates! This is enough for the whole family with even a couple of spare treats for yourself!

Name a better option for Eco Advent Calendars!


  • Plastic Free Eco Advent Calendars
  • Reuse your old eco advent calendars to reduce waste
  • Sugar with mass balance. Minimal 69%.
  • Suitable for vegetarians (not suitable for vegans but check out the vegan range!)

We have found the perfect advent calendar for the beer lover in your life. This DIY advent calendar tree from Joytidy™ will allow you to personalise an advent calendar. The tree will fit most beer bottles (300ml size) and/or most small bottles of wine, prosecco or champagne (187-200ml). It could also hold small spirits such as gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, and a mixer. You can have full control over what you add. You can stick with a theme or mix it up a little. 

We love this calendar; it's a great way to give someone a personalised gift from 1st December until 24th December. It's also something you can reuse time and time again.

Eco Advent Calendar

Another one for the beer lover, but this calendar has it all done for you. No need to buy the beers because the Bier Company has taken the hard work out. 

The calendar comprises 25 craft beers from 25 different award-winning UK & European craft breweries, including exclusive beers brewed specifically for the Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar.

Not only does the calendar have some delicious beers, but it also comes with the following: 

  • 3 cans of Bier Nuts
  • Exclusive Aviero Beer-Tasting
  • Exclusive Advent Calendar Socks Glass
  • Exclusive Beers, Including The Extra-Large 440ml In Day 1
  • Enchanting Christmas Tree Design, Lights Up Any Room
  • Follow 5 Festive Comic Strips All Through December
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October 20, 2022 — Corinne Jones