Top Tips for an Sustainable Christmas

The days are ticking away and it’s time for those who love Christmas to start making the festive plans, getting gifts sorted and the delicious feast coordinated. For some of you, this might be a Christmas that’s a little less indulgent than before, or maybe this year you want to focus on reducing your waste and making this a more Sustainable Christmas. If that’s the case you’re in the right place, here are our top … tops for a more Sustainable Christmas.

1. Buy Less

With day to day life costing more than ever our top tip for you would be to buy less. Sound crazy coming for a retailer? Yes, maybe. But also, the excess at Christmas is crazy. Really give yourself time to think about what you want to eat, drink, do, wear and gift. Make a list, stick to it and set a budget and stick to that. You don’t have to succumb to the pressure of having everything and doing it all, that’s not what Christmas is about. 
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2. Shop Second Hand

New isn’t always best. Second hand gifting is on the rise and with endless vintage and second hand shopping options available you’re bound to find the perfect gift, table decorations, or Christmas party outfit for half the price and that’s better for the environment. This is one of the more simple ways to make it a more Sustainable Christmas for everyone. 

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3. Shop Local

If you’re a meat eater then try and buy your meat locally. The same goes for your fruit and veg, visit your local farm shop, green grocer, fish monger or butcher for a more sustainable Christmas. Opt for the plastic free options and learn where your food is coming from. If that means you have to buy less but you eat better then go for it. Do we really need endless boxes of chocolates, not really. 

If you do shop locally and find you still have excess food after Christmas day, use left over food for fun recipes for a more sustainable Christmas! 

Bubble of Squeak is a great way to use left overs from Christmas dinner on Boxing Day! Simply add your cooked potatoes, veg and meat into a pan and fry with any seasoning you wish for a scrumptious hearty meal.

Small actions like this help make having a sustainable Christmas far easier and taste good too!

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4. Do you need a new Christmas tree?

If you have a fake tree in the loft, then show it some love. Don’t throw it out or buy a new one or a freshly cut one. Fake trees get a bad rep, but what’s worse, chucking it out and replace it with one that’s be cut from the ground. Show that old fake tree some love for a sustainable Christmas. Use natural decorations, make your own or shop our sustainable Christmas options at Plastic Freedom. 

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5. Consciously gift wrap

Use fabric, newspaper, wrapping paper you have saved, paper tap, the list is endless, if you want to have a more sustainable Christmas. We have the most insane collection of eco gift wrapping essentials, items that will not only elevate your sustainable Christmas gifts, but all of your gifts throughout the year. 

Getting creative is also a great way to go eco with your gift wrapping. Collect your children's artwork throughout the year and then turn that into beautiful wrapping. 

Check out some of our favourite sustainable Christmas gift wrapping products below. 

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October 20, 2022 — Corinne Jones