Pet Impact Learn The Ropes - Puppy Rope Toy Set

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Pet Impact Learn The Ropes, Puppy rope toys are a box full of excitement for your pup! The interactive play toys strengthen the bond between you and your pup. Made out of 50% recycled cotton. Each item in the box has a magical superpower. You can now offer your pup the best variety of safe and engaging play.


  • Chew toys are meant to be chewed on, and rope toys are meant to be vigorously tugged on.
  • Anything truly "indestructible" will most likely be damaging to your pup's little teeth.
  • It's about a balance of being tough and durable, yet willing to make the ultimate sacrifice:
  • Taking the hit from those razor sharp puppy teeth so your sofa and shoes don't have to!

For your pup’s happiness and well being Puppies need to play! And teething puppies love to sink their teeth into something while playing. This box of puppy rope toys allows for safe, interactive and fun play times between you and your pooch. Made from natural materials meaning zero microplastics shed or ingested by your tiny pup!

    Made using 50% recycled cotton and rubber, and containing zero plastic (both the toys and the packaging), this box of puppy rope toys helps reduce your pup’s environmental pawprint.