Movewell Activation Bands Pack

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Activation Bands Pack - High | Medium | Low Resistance

Durable and super comfortable textiles for use directly against the skin. The Movewell activation bands are made from recycled material and certified as Oeko-texⓇ ‘Made in Green’ standard, they are possibly the most environmentally friendly mini-bands in the world!

The MoveWell Activation Bands Pack is a set of three short looped mini bands each offering different resistances (Low/40mm, Medium/55mm, High/70mm) for warm up, rehab, conditioning and recovery sessions anywhere.

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Including: Low | Medium | High Activation Bands in our Recycled Polyester (RPet) bag for easy transport and storage.  

Green Credentials

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Certified Oeko-texⓇ ‘Made in Green’ standard
  • Made from 63% recycled post-consumer plastic and 37% Natural Rubber 
  • Sustainable alternative to our virgin plastic and latex
  • 100% recyclable materials 

The MoveWell Activation bands are the responsible and sustainable alternative to products made from virgin plastic and latex.

Tips for Training 

  • Start with a low resistance band and focus on exercise technique
  • Progress resistance and reps to 
  • Focus on calm consistent breathing
  • Emphasis on slow, controlled movement during the lowering phase

Product Specifications

Country of origin: Manufactured in the UK | Material from Spain
Material: Oeko-texⓇ Made in Green certified RPet and Natural Rubber
Dimensions: 7cm x 26cm
Weight: 27g


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