The brand taking outdoor living to a new level

When we find brands that are stylish, sustainable that create products that are not only fit for purpose but also built to last we want to champion them. Which is why this blog post is all about the awesome brand that is Business & Pleasure.

A brand that has married vintage style, beachy chic and modern day living they have created a brand that will elevate your outdoor living.

"We create nostalgic, chic, durable, timeless & beautiful pieces you will have with you for many years. Since inception, Business & Pleasure Co. has evolved into a Summer staple in many countries & beaches around the world." Business & Pleasure

1. Quality

If you're looking to invest in outdoor furniture or some new kit to elevate your beach days then Business & Pleasure if the one for you. There products are high quality, the make premium products that a fit for purpose and that purpose being business and pleasure. They have married the two perfectly. 

Using high quality materials including reclaimed wood - which we love! 

Not a single piece of plastic in sight, which is why they need extra care and love to make them last but we will get on to that in the next section!


2. Care

We have all be guilty of letting things go, not looking after items correctly or becoming lazy and not giving products we own the love that they need. But, we believe it's time we really did that. It's time we really cared for our possessions and showed them some love. 

All the Business & Pleasure products require care, they require love and attention to ensure they bring you joy for years to come

It's important to follow the care guides, it's something we should do with everything we own. If we look after the things we own, and keep them well maintained they should last. The throw away culture has made people lazy and less bothered about the items we own, but hopefully there will be a shift. 

Which is why we love brands like Business & Pleasure, their premium products require love and it's love we are happy to give them, so they can continue elevate our beach and garden days..


3. Style

We have said it before and we will keep saying it, Business & Pleasure make some of the most stylish products we have ever seen. 

"Call it what you will. A little Coney-Island-in-the-1950s? Beachy-chic? A vintage soirée meets the modern ease-of-use? Inspired by a love of all things vintage & quality, Business & Pleasure Co. is actually a love story.

Two Australian friends, falling in love with their Californian dream girls. With frequent pacific travels, countless hotel stays & many morning mimosa’s (with a side of emails of course), Business & Pleasure Co. was established, c/o Summer 2016.

They created a brand that delivers on style and function every time. 


4. Business

If you're reading this and you're the owner of a café, bar, restaurant or beach side shack have you ever thought about invest in some Business and Pleasure products to add a touch of Californian chic

Well, companies have and we cannot blame them. 

The products have a way of transforming a place and giving it a premium feel without an ounce of arrogance. They are understated, quiet luxury if you will. 

Whether it's adding a few Premium Umbrellas to a beer garden, or a Sling Chair to your café courtyard, they Business & Pleasure products will not disappoint. 


5. Pleasure

We could all use a little more down time, more moments to switch off, moments of simple pleasure. 

Whether it's a glass of wine on the beach or a iced coffee in your garden. However, you choose to grab a simple moment of pleasure we have found a brand that can help you do it all. A brand that celebrates finding the balance in life of business and pleasure. 

A brand that champions enjoying the simple pleasures in life and we couldn't agree with them more! 


Here's to enjoying the work and play with Business & Pleasure

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April 04, 2023 — Corinne Jones