Our guide to a zero waste beach day or picnic

Spring is here and we couldn't be happier. The prospect of outdoor picnics, beach days and early morning coffees in the park are here and hopefully here to stay. With outdoor life on our radar again it's time to get planning all the fun adventures and we are here to help you make them plastic free! There is no need to use single use plastic because we have got the most awesome plastic free options and ideas on how to picnic and adventure the eco way. Now, lets get to it!

1. Make it yourself

The easiest or normally the cheapest way to have zero waste picnic is to make it yourself. We're talking about making your own humus, sausage rolls, sandwiches, veggie sticks you name it, you can make it plastic free. It may require more planning and preparation, but it's worth it. 

If you're committed to the plastic free movement then this will be something you will be keen to do. You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen, but try and think outside the box. 

When thinking about the food you want to eat, it will also help to get prepped with the tools to carry your delicious feasts. As you have probably already seen we have some amazing options when it comes to plastic free lunchboxes and food containers. Shop our full food storage collection HERE.


2. Plastic free drinks

If you're still late to the party when it comes to refillable water bottles then there is no time like the present to say goodbye the plastic bottles and say hello the one bottle that will do it all. Keep you water cool, your smoothies, juices or squashes chilled.

Whatever you beverage of choice needs to be shown some love and we have got some dreamy delights on our site. 

Cups and bottles for hot and cold drinks and not a single use plastic monstrosity in sight keeping everything zero waste.

Shop the full collection HERE


3. Travelling with a picnic

You may have got your food sorted and have it all packed up in plastic free lunchboxes, but you're then stuck with it in a plastic bag, getting hot. Well fear not, we have a dreamy collection of cool bags that will keep your food and drinks cold and fresh for longer and you'll tick that zero waste box.

These bags are great for on the go, in the back of the car, chucked into your bike basket. They will keep your spring and summer BBQ food and picnic fresh and ready for your alfresco feast.

Shop the full Cool Bag collection HERE.


4. Comfy picnics

Eating outside doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable. Elevate your outdoor dining experience and get some dreamy seating, cozy blankets and make your picnic feel a little bit more luxurious. 

Check out our full collection of camping furniture HERE and our beautiful collection of blankets and throws HERE.

These are items that you can use on the go, in your garden and can be used then travelling around with ease. Not only do they all look stunning, they are also sustainably made, fit for purpose and tick all the ethical boxes. 


Zero waste picnics never looked so good

5. BBQ and do much more

We live for a BBQ and couldn't be more excited about our amazing collection of camping stoves and outdoor cooking accessories. Our range is next level, so be sure to check out the full collection HERE.

One of our favourites - BIOLITE CAMPSTOVE.

Turn fire into electricity with BioLite's award-winning stove. Patented combustion technology creates a vortex of smokeless flames for a portable campfire that can cook your meals and charge your gear, all at the same time. Leave the gas canisters behind and unlock the potential of the sticks and twigs around you. 

March 27, 2023 — Corinne Jones