Our guide to travelling plastic free

If you're fortunate enough to be jetting off on a holiday, planning a back packing adventure or got a dreamy weekend away close to home then you will be thinking about what to pack and what you need to buy. You may be compiling lists about what you need and what you need to do. Hopefully, you're going to be considering the ways in which you can travel as plastic free a possible. Which is where we come in. It won't come as a surprise but we some amazing products and some game changing hints and tips on how to shake up your travel and make it plastic free! 

1. Plastic Free Toiletries

When it comes to plastic free toiletries, you know we have got you covered. We have one of the most extensive collection of sustainable selfcare products and we know some of them are going to be the perfect products to take on your adventures. 

Whether it's shampoo bars, shower bars, sum cream. deodorant or body oils. We have pulled together some of our favourite travel toiletries into it's very own collection which can be shopped HERE.

All of the items we have selected can either be reused, refilled or recycled with minimum waste. Which means, you won't be filling your travel bag with mountains of plastic bottles which could end up in landfill. 


2. Hand Luggage Only

This might be one of our favourite plastic free travel swaps! We have all been there, we're at the airport, going through security, sorting out our liquids and putting them into a wasteful plastic bag. What could make matters even worse, is if you're putting your plastic free travel toiletries in a disposable plastic bag! It makes no sense. Which is why this swap is going to be a game changer for you. 

Not only can use use the STASHER ORIGINAL SILICONE SANDWICH BAG as a lunch bag when travelling around on your holiday, but it can also be used to put all your travel liquids in! 

I know, our mind was blown when we discovered this. So, you can say goodbye to those horrible little plastic bags and walk through security, smug in the knowledge you're sticking to the travel rules, but not adding to the single use plastic problem. 

stasher silicone sandwich bag aqua

3. For your suitcase

If there is one product we absolutely love for ease, organisation (which we are big fans of) then it has to be the BAGGU STORAGE CUBE SET 

"As most wash bags and travel bags are made from nylon, I love that these sets from Baggu are made from 40% recycled materials from pre-consumer waste which means scrap material have been saved from landfill, and in turn helping conserve petroleum resources and reduce greenhouse gas emission!" 

These storage cube bags not only look amazing but they are perfect for travel and every day use!

In each set there is two storage cubes for travel and organisation. Perfect for packing, organizing your bag, or home tidying.

Baggu Storage Cube Set

4. Tropical Travel

Bye, bye biting bugs. Plants to the rescue!

If you're jetting off to tropical climates where the bugs bite then this is a must.

The Meow Meow Tweet botanical insect repellent is powerful enough to combat prehistoric mosquitoes without toxic chemicals. Herbaceous essential oils combine with astringent skin toners to create a body mist that can be sprayed directly onto your skin, hair, and clothes.


Looking for something to use for your holiday shopping?

5. Can you drink the water

If you're planning a trip further a field and somewhere you maybe haven't travelled to before, then it's worth looking at whether you can drink the water over there. If you can't which is the case is many places then you are going to want to learn about the most amazing product. LifeStraw have created ground breaking products allow you to drink water which wouldn't usually be deemed safe. Take the LIFESTRAW GO STAINLESS STEEL this product may look like a great stainless steel water bottle, but this water bottle is extra special. It protects again bacteria, parasites, microplastics, chlorine, organic chemical matter, dirt, sand and cloudiness. It improves the taste of water! Every time you fill this bottle you reduce single use plastic. 

https://lifestraw.com/collections/straw-filtersLifestraw have got the most amazing collection of products available that can help meet your travel needs. Th

March 27, 2023 — Corinne Jones
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