"It's not just the food you can switch out this Veganuary"

Zao Nail Polish

Often when people join in with Veganuary, they focus their efforts on avoiding animal-based food and drinks, however, we're here to share some of our favourite swaps this Veganuary. Swaps that you may not even be aware of are of. For example, your make-up, haircare or skincare. Did you know you can swap these out for Vegan-friendly alternatives? 

 If the answer is no, then you're in for a treat. If you're already in the know, then awesome, but maybe you've not tried these dreamy products.

Try these Veganuary swaps this year

1. Veganuary Make-Up Swaps

When we found this brand we jumped for joy. They offer refills and they are vegan! I think we can say they tick all the boxes when it comes to ethically produced makeup and make a perfect swap for Veganuary.

They don't need much introduction as you'll soon realise the products speak for themselves, but we are so excited to add Zao to our 5 Veganuary swaps blog.

Whether it's a foundation, blusher, eye shadow or lipstick Zao has got the Veganuary-friendly make-up for you. 

It was hard to choose, but here we have three of our favourite products that any make-up lover needs in their life. 

Zao Blush Stick

2. Veganuary Haircare Swaps

Whether it's washing, conditioning or hydrating your hair we have got some dreamy vegan haircare products for you. Your locks don't need to harm any animals in the process of looking good. 

These simple Veganuary swaps will not only help reduce your plastic waste but will keep your Veganuary journey on track.

We have pulled together three of our favourite products, but you know the drill we have so much more online! 

Vegan Conditioner

3. Vegan-friendly honey alternative 

Looking for a Veganuary alternative to honey, well your search is over. We have got a product that will sweeten up your day and your vegan lifestyle. 

But, what is Chicory Root Fibre?

Troo Spoonful of Fibre Inulin syrup is made from chicory root, a prebiotic fibre. At 65% fibre with a low GI and vegan friendly, it makes a great alternative to honey and other sugar syrups. With a mild sweetness and a clean aftertaste, it's so versatile - spoon it, spread it, and bake with it. The choice is yours! 

  • 65% Prebiotic Fibre - One of the easiest ways of getting fibre into your diet. 7g fibre per tablespoon, essential food for your gut bacteria
  • Delicate Sweetener with no aftertaste - Half the calories of sugar this is a healthy sweetener. Use as you would sugar or honey – up to 15g per day.
  • Plant-Based – Vegan Friendly - As the name suggests, Chicory Root Fibre Syrup is completely plant-based – no bees were damaged in the creation of this product!
  • Efficacy Proven - There are extensive studies showing how Chicory Root Fibre can aid gut health and help manage blood glucose levels; these claims have been approved by the European Food Safety Authority.
Chicory Root Fibre

4. Veganuary Skincare Swaps

Whether it's face oils, face masks or cleansing balms, we have the most wonderful collection of Veganuary-friendly items to keep your skin happy this year. Easy swaps, simple products and items for every budget.

Products from brands that don't test on animals and that don't need to pack them full of animal-based products because they use ingredients that keep our furry friends happy and our skin glowing.

Here are some of our favourites, but naturally we have so much more online! 

Lani Juice Cleanse

5. Vegan-friendly supplements

None vegan supplements often contain animal-based products, which if you don't look hard enough at the ingredients or do your research prior you might not even notice. Thankfully, we have got some awesome vegan-friendly supplements available online. They have got us so excited because they not only do exactly what they say they will do, they won't break the bank. 

If health and sticking to a Vegan lifestyle are top on your list this year then give our Vegan supplements a try this Veganuary.

Vegan Vitamin D Supplements
January 09, 2023 — Corinne Jones
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