"Lots of little will eventually equal something big"

Spruce Water

Not heard of Spruce before, well your taste buds are going to thank you for reading this blog post. Spruce is a new form of natural hydration which will bring a little life to tap water. Inspired by natural their products are all made with natural real fruits and are absolutely delicious. 

Delivering Natural Hydration.

Spruce allow you to create a delicious healthy drink. Elevating tap water or the flavour to your sparking water. They do all of this with out the sugar, synthetic or plastic-laden squashes and flavoured waters that have sadly dominated our shelves for too long. 

Thankfully, staying healthy and hydrated has never easier, or tastier now they have come along. 

Spruce Wild Child Water

The mission - "Our natural and environmentally-conscious product is determined to Bring Water To Life®."


The first goal they has when creating the brand was to help make tap water less boring or daunting for those who struggle to drink enough. They wanted to make it fun, all the while keeping it healthy. Water is the elixir of life and with Spruce's natural and gentle blends they make the elixir delicious. 

Spruce Water In Bottle

Elevating water the SPRUCE way


The second goal was to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic. Spruce want to help bring the oceans back to life. They have created a brand that offers guilt-free hydration. Just think, for every plastic-free Spruce sachet that gets mixed with water, that's potentially one less plastic bottle used. One less piece of plastic Mother Nature has to deal with. Now that is something we can get onboard with. 

Spruce Water Garden Party

Natural hydration can be delivered to your door, so the next time you fancy something a little fruity or a break from the usual glass of water; refreshing but a little dull let's face it then Spruce will bring to flavour. Available in three flavours. 

- Garden Party 

A timeless classic, where fresh garden mint and zesty lime come together to create a mature and refreshing blend. Enjoy as a short livener or mix up a batch to share with friends. The Garden Party won't disappoint. 

- Wild Child

Follow the footsteps of the forager for this clean and delicious drink. Inspired by the British countryside, Wild Child's juicy raspberry and aromatic elderflower intertwine to produce a smooth and silky blend. A perfect jaunt all year round. 

- Mellow Yellow

Inspired by that beautiful relaxing place you'd rather be, exotic pineapple and crisp grapefruit swirl to produce this subtle and luscious drop. Thirsty, or gently daydreaming of that sun lounger, Mellow Yellow will always hit the spot. 

Spruce Water Mellow Yellow

We hope you'll agree that this is super exciting brand and one that we love. They are helping revolutionise the way we consume our fruity drinks. They are perfect for on the go or at home and those flavour combinations are a winner! Not forgetting Spruce is jam-packed with a bespoke essential multivitamin blend. 

February 15, 2023 — Corinne Jones