Simple ways to help you reduce the waste in your life

Making small swaps and conscious changes little and often can create a big impact. A big impact on your waste and an even bigger impact on the environment. If we all make small moves, they will go towards a bigger movement to help reduce our negative impact on the planet. There is room for everybody to reduce their waste, and when we think we are doing enough, we have to try and do more. Let's make those small moves, the simple swaps. If you're stuck for ideas, maybe we can help. We can put together 5 ways you can reduce your waste.

Smart changes to reduce your waste

1. Refill

A great way to reduce waste is to refill. Whether that's food, cleaning, skincare, haircare or drinks. If you can refill it you must try. It's a surefire way to reduce your waste.

Reuse your cleaning bottles but refill them with cleaning sachets. Visit your local refill shop and fill up your beans, lentils, rice and pasta. By making these small changes you can instantly reduce your waste. No more throwing away the soft plastics that can not always be recycled.

If you're in the London area, our Hoxton Hotel in Shepherd's Bush has the most insane amount of refill options and not just for your standard cleaning products. We have an unbelievable amount of skincare products that can be refilled right in store. 

Shop our full refill collection HERE.

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2. Buy preloved clothes

Pre loved, vintage and sustainable clothing is the way forward. We always want to champion preloved and vintage as we are firm believers in circular fashion.

We are big fans of preloved online sellers like Thursday Thrifts who curate pre loved and vintage collections. With weekly drops, you've guessed it every Thursday, the thrifts have a passion for sourcing slow fashion. Not only that, they are working on a collection of handmade clothing made from fabric destined for landfill! 

You can find Thursday Thrifts on Instagram, give them a follow and don't hesitate to reach out the them for sourcing, they have a great eye and are always happy to source items for a specific event or occasion. 

Thursday Thrifts

3. Plastic free food

The most effective way to reduce your waste is to buy items that don't to come wrapped in plastic. When it comes to your food shopping this can make a big impact on your waste. Buying your fruit and veg free from plastic would be an amazing first step to seeing less waste end up in the bin. 

Beth has put together an amazing guide to buying your food shopping free from plastic. Check it out HERE

It doesn't just have to stop at buying your fruit and vegetables plastic free. If you eat meat and fish, then take your own tubs and containers with you to put your items in. That way you won't end up with plastic bags that you have to throw away. Simply wash the tubs and save them for your next shop. We think the takeaway tubs are very useful for this, it gives sometime you might have once chucked away a new purpose. 

Another great tip is to grow your own herbs and if possible fruit and veg. If you don't have a garden then herbs on the windowsill is the one. Fresh herbs are a game changer when it comes to cooking and if you grow your own there will be no need to buy herb bunches wrapped in plastic.


4. Water Free Products

Water free products mean less packaging which means less waste and we have got an amazing selection of water free products available online.

The Plastic Freedom water free products are super eco friendly, last so much longer than you think and are all zero waste! From concentrate cleaning products and laundry strips to skincare bars and deodorants, these water free products are shaping our future!

They not only need a lot less packaging, which is 100% plastic free on all of the products at Plastic Freedom, but by removing the water from the product you've saved on so much room and weight when transporting them saving so much co2 in the process!

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5. Bring your own

Bring your own cup, bottle, cutlery, straw or tub, by doing this you will help minimise your waste while on the go. An absolute must if you travel, adventure of often get lunch and coffees in the go. 

We know it's not always possible to reduce your waste while out and about but make sure you have all of your reusables with you in your car or bag will ensure you never have to use a plastic smoothie cup or disposable coffee cup ever again! 

Our collection of on the go items is awesome we know there will be something that can help minimise your waste while out and about

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June 29, 2023 — Corinne Jones