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"Discover why you should choose Wave Flip Flops

Our values play a big part in the manufacturing of our natural rubber flip flops.
We are a company who focuses on putting the environment first, our values are at the heart of the manufacturing of our natural rubber flip flops.

We use Natural Rubber to make our flip flops. This is because of the unique properties it has.

In general, there are two types of polymers: natural and synthetic. Natural polymers include things like natural rubber, while synthetic polymers include all of the man-made plastics derived from crude oil like PET and UPVC there is also a synthetic rubber like material called EVA also derived from a petrol compound.

Natural rubber is harvested from several species of trees and comes out as a kind of milky liquid. The raw polymer comprises a mixture of isoprene units and impurities. Processing removes the impurities and encourages the units to join up into long chains, giving rubber its characteristic properties."

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