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Self Care Co

Well where do I even begin with how much I love SELF CARE CO?! It's been an exciting wait for the entire candle range to arrive with me since the arrival of the B E K I N D tees which have gone down a storm (a rainbow type storm of happiness)!

Let me first start with how I love them as a company, Nicole and Adelaide have worked endless hours to create a company that is so much more than just creating products. Their dedication to spread Self Care as a message and show that it's important to always B E K I N D to yourself is something that has often made me remember to do this! .

It can be hard work starting a business and speaking to Nicole regularly she makes me laugh and realise that I am not the only one 'winging it' to try make a difference! We give each other tips to help out where we may have found a new faster way of doing things and I think this is what it's all about - supporting each other even though we have never actually met in person!

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