'Water free products are shaping the future

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Let's talk about water free products.

Did you know that most of the products we use to clean our homes or ourselves are water? Although it seems a little crazy, it's true, and this is taxing the environment. Thankfully, our site has excellent water free products, and this blog is here to celebrate some of those.

Why we love these water free products

They're super hassle-free. 

From great water-soluble sachets to products that just add water to plastic-free packaging, we have got the best water free products to change your cleaning routine. 

These water free products tick many boxes, one of our favourite boxes being the minimal space they take up when storing. The conventional cleaning products we are used to are clunky, bulky, and totally unnecessary. It's time to step away from them and join the water-free movement. 

Cleaning Products
Plastic Freedom​​

Why should we try water free products?

Low Waste

At Plastic Freedom, we are always trying to find products that help reduce the amount of waste we contribute to landfills. Two significant factors we always try to consider, especially when looking at water free products are: 


1. Packaging that breaks down naturally.

2. Circular systems of reuse that eliminate waste entirely. By this, we mean packaging you never need to throw away and can continue to use again and again.  

522 Million Litres of Water* OR 208 Olympic Swimming Pools 

This gives you a little teaser for switching to low-waste, water free products. 

*These might not be hard facts, but it gives you an idea of the changes we can make collectively. 


Eco Cleaning products

We love this water free product. Do you want to know why?


Lasts longer than standard shampoo. 1 bottle = 4 standard shampoo bottles. Metal is the most likely material to be recycled by municipal facilities. Also, the powder is lighter to ship (you add the water), so it has a lesser carbon footprint.

The water free shampoo powder can be used with Meow Meow Tweet shampoo bars as a weekly clarifying and demineralising hair mask if you have hard water. Use it as your everyday shampoo, or use it occasionally to de-gunk and refresh locks.

We hope you've given you more insight into water free products and how they can slot into your life quickly and change how you clean.

October 25, 2022 — Corinne Jones