Top 5 Sustainable Surfing Accessories

It's no secret that plastic pollution is a problem and one that ocean lovers like us cannot escape. Whether you're going for a beach walk, a sea dip or a surf, the plastic pollution issues are always sadly there to greet you on the beach. There is no hiding them; it's only getting worse at the moment. So, how can we ocean lovers do more to help reduce the problem? In this blog post, we will explore the world of sustainable surfing accessories because our love of surfing shouldn't be harming the environment. We have picked our top 5 surfing accessories. 


In no particular order, we have the most amazing sustainable-made wetsuits from Figure. Made by local Cornish surfer Ellen Caldwell Figure Creative offer 100% plastic free Sustainably batch-produced wetsuits. A brand created to encompass nature and design revolving around the ocean, we are big fans of this female-owned brand. Figure Creative has developed surf suits with 100% recyclability and full performance in mind. Made from sustainable techno-fabric, made from Recycled Nylon fishing nets. To find out more about Figure check them out at but stay tuned as they will be available to shop here very soon.

Women with surfboards
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If you have not heard of Sympl, prepare to fall in love with this epic sustainable surf brand. Their passion for sustainability drives all that they do. They know how important it is to the surfing community, which is why they have put it at the forefront of their brand. Their aim to waste less and make gear that lasts longer is why they are one of our favourite surf brands on the market. Their functional design and durable materials fit well into the environment and would do the same in 10 or 20 years. Check out our full collection below. 

Sun Cream

Sun cream is a must wherever you're surfing. Even in the deepest depths of the UK winter, it's good to protect your skin from the elements, and for those lucky enough to surf in the tropics, we don't need to tell you guys how important sun protection is. However, you might not be aware that your sun cream could harm your surfing environment. Certain sunscreens can kill the coral, poison the oceans you're bathing in and cause damage to the marine life that inhabits it. Fear not; brands like Amazing have created excellent products that are simple, natural, functional and gentle on the environment. 

The goal of Amazinc Skincare is to create a range of products that are only natural - nothing more and nothing less. Products that they can produce and consume for years and years without damaging the environment and the planet. 

Bikini Top 

When we think of Bikini Tops or bottoms, for that matter, one of our favourite brands has to be Sand and Palm. The Cornwall-based brand only uses materials and a production process that doesn't harm or impact the environment or people. They drive to be a conscious provider for the conscious consumer, which we love. Using sustainable and responsible materials, Sand and Palm aims to increase awareness of the importance of producing for the environment and people against the harmful impacts of mass clothing production. 

Bikini Bottoms 

We believe investing in something that will see you through many years and endless surfing is the way to go. Care for your clothing and swimwear, and it will last. Buy consciously and treat it with respect. Sand and Palm use lycra made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a yarn made from old carpets destined for landfills, fishing nets and pre-consumer waste and can be remoulded infinitely.

Vita by Carvico: sustainable techno-fabric made of an ECONYL® regenerated Nylon that turns waste problems into fashion and interior solutions. Vita is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretch, soft and breathable: a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort. Thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils than competitors' fabrics. COMPOSITION: 78% Recycled PA/22% EA. 

Even their bikini bags, labels, tags, tag string and packaging are consciously sourced. As a brand, they tick all the boxes, and their designs are flattering, stylish and functional, which, let's face it, is all we need when it comes to swimwear we can surf and swim in.

Now you have seen our top 5 sustainable surfing products, let us share some of our top tips for doing more for our oceans.

1. Support marine charities. They work solely on supporting the oceans and all that inhabit it. 

2. Take rubbish from the beach. Look out for beach cleans on your local beach. It's a simple way to keep your local beach clean and if people see you doing it, they might just follow. 

3. Reduce, reuse and recycle. These should be things we all live by, but sadly they still aren't. Reduce your waste and . carbon footprint, reuse and upcycle where ever possible and recycle, recycle, recycle! 

October 25, 2022 — Corinne Jones
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