Galentines Day Inspiration

It's a chance for us to celebrate our love for each other, champion the sisterhood and spread a little joy to the gals who have been there through it all. Galentines Day, celebrated on the 13th February is just around the corner and we have compiled some of the best gifts out there to make your babes beam! If you're looking for gift inspiration for your Galentine then you've come to the right place, feast your eyes on some dreamy gifts.

"A day for women to celebrate their friendships with their lady friends."

1. Galentines Day Skincare

This Galentines Day why not give the gift of glowing skin. We have got some insanely wonderful skincare brands online. Brands that love skin and love the planet. We have products suitable for vegans, babes with sensitive skin and everyone in between. 

Sometimes, we don't give ourselves enough time, and although skincare might not be top of some people's list of priorities, we think it's a really great way to give some a bit of self-care time. A chance to find some quiet time, away from screens, away from the kids, or any distractions of life. A chance to reconnect with themselves and hopefully wake up with glowing skin!

Whether it's face cream, cleansers, toners or face masks we have got it all. Shop our full skincare collection HERE.

UpCircle Skincare

2. Galentines Day for the Coffee Lover

Does your Galentine love coffee? 

If she does then we have got some adorable gifts, from wooden coffee scoops, ethically produced coffee or coffee cups for on-the-go caffeine fixes. 

If you're always meeting up for coffee then why not bring the coffee dates home and buy some cute gifts for your coffee-loving babes so you can enjoy your catch-ups over the hot stuff from the sofa. 

Coffee is so much more than a delicious drink, it's a chance to connect, to share, a chance to grab some time for yourself, its company on a walk, its a moment of calm after a hectic start to the day. 

Shop all things coffee-related HERE.

Eco Living Coffee Scoop

3. Galentines Make Up

If your Galentine loves a bit of makeup then our ethical, eco, refillable makeup options are the ones you need to spend your pennies on. So many options, and shades, for low-key, make-up or big glam looks. 

If you have a friend who wants to give themselves a little glow-up, or wouldn't buy themselves anything like this then give them a little treat. 

Whether it's a bold lipstick for date nights, an eye shadow palette for the perfect smokey eye or a go-to mascara. Our full make-up collection is available to shop HERE.

Zao Make Up

4. Galentines Candles

Who doesn't love a candle? 

We adore them, they are a lovely gift for anyone. With scents to uplift, unwind or bring clarity there are so many options to choose from. 

Our candles are hand-poured, eco, and very aesthetically pleasing. So, if you have a Galentine that needs a little light in their life, a gift that can help bring some calm to their evening and some joy to their home, then give the gift of a candle. 

Our full collection of candles can be shopped HERE.

Plastic Free Candle

5. Galentines Day Sweet Treats

Sweet treats for Galentines day, erm yes, please! 

If your babe is a chocolate lover, then our chocolate selections if the one. A chance to indulge, something they don't have to share, something just for themselves. 

We have vegan and non-vegan options available, and let us tell you now they are delicious. We would even go as far as to say it's some of the best chocolate we have eaten and we are sure your Galentine will be more in love with your friendship after this gift. 

Shop our chocolate selection HERE and while you're there, why buy yourself a little treat, you deserve it. 

Tonys Chocolate

Spread the love this Galentines Day

There we have it, our Galentines day collection. It's simple, delightful and hopefully won't break the bank. It's not about spending a fortune. It's about showing how much you love your gals and how much they have helped enhance your life. Whether you choose to make them something, take them out or buy them one of our awesome gifts, whatever you do this Galentine's day make sure you celebrate your friendships because friends are flipping wonderful and so are you! 

January 27, 2023 — Corinne Jones

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