Plastic Freedom Loves

Eco Mad

"We believe it is our mission, to empower you, to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. If you’re here you are EcoMad.

Our stylish products come with NONE of the nasties.

  • NO PLASTIC packaging or single use plastic, ever. All our postage packaging is FSC certified, even our tape is paper.
  • LOW CARBON shipping, we prioritise the use of sea freight from our hand picked suppliers. Sea freight has a 100x less carbon footprint than air transport.
  • CARBON NEUTRAL we invest in stringently regulated Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) programmes, that have no negative impact on the planet. 
  • VEGAN, every single one of our products is Vegan Friendly.
  • CRUELTY FREE, none of our products are tested on animals, and we ensure our products come from areas that do not impact on animal habitats. 
  • END OF LIFE, when one our products ends its life cycle, either recycle, compost or send it back to us, so we can recycle it for you.

We care about the both the start and end of all our products, you can be confident in knowing that every single product is impact free."

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