Dick Pearce Bellyboard

Bellyboards, we love them, and clearly our customers do too. If you're new to the world of these ocean craft then stick with this blog and you will want to join the Bellyboard revolution. This blog celebrates the most awesome Bellyboard brand, Dick Pearce. 

"Our mission is simple, to share our passion for surfing as it was meant to be: without the fuss, with all the fun." Dick Pearce Bellyboards

What is bellyboard?

Let us start from the beginning, and that beginning is in ancient Hawaii. The original bellyboards were ridden on the island waves and it wasn't in fact until the early twentieth-century that they graced the British shores. 

Wooden bellyboards soon became an intrinsic and much-loved part of the British surf culture. 

Bellyboarding was never about fashion or elitism… it was just a simple, joyful – and somehow rather British – pleasure. It still is. 

Built to last

Each and every bellyboard they make is unique. They are made from wood which we love, meaning they will all have natural characteristics - they are not 'perfectly' formed, which we champion. 

The unique nature of wood allows each bellyboard to have its own unique texture, grain and marks. It's truly individual in their own right. 

The bellyboards are made from sustainably sourced FCS accredited timber. They a built for use, fit for purpose and kinder to the environment.

Quite possibly the most beautiful wave riding craft

There are many reasons why we love this brand, not only do they make a sustainable alternative to those hideous polystyrene bodyboards that break and end up littering out beaches, coastlines and ultimately in landfill. They are make bellyboards that are beautiful. They are a work of art. 

They are so aesthetically pleasing and tick all the boxes when it comes to style and function. We have known people to buy them to put on the wall as a work of art. 

The minimal, sleek style of the boards, all with their own unique characteristic make these boards multipurpose and something you won't want to hide away. 

"Simple wave riding fun for everyone.”

Bellyboards Handcrafted in the UK

We love to champion UK made products and Dick Pearce are a brand who base themselves in the surfing capital of the UK - Newquay, Cornwall. As you know this is where we also where one of our bases are, which is why we love working with this brand. We have seen first hand how they are crafted, the people that make them, the tools that they use. We have seen the story come to life and it's made is fall more in love with the bellyboards and the values that are behind them

April 28, 2023 — Corinne Jones
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