Reduce your plastic waste this Christmas

Gift-giving is inevitable at Christmas, and sadly so is the plastic-filled wrapping paper, tape, bows and glitters that have gone hand in hand for far too many years. We are here to help stop it and show you the eco alternatives, the plastic free gifting wrapping that will leave you craving a mince pie and mulled wine. 

Our festive eco alternatives to your traditional wrapping paper will not only look more stylish but can also be reused, recycled and compostable. You know us; it's not just our delightful eco-festive wrapping we have to offer; we also have some ingenious ideas and advice on how to many your gift wrapping plastic free this year. 

The waste Christmas generates is devastating, and if we can all do our bit to try and reduce the amount of waste we personally generate over the festive period, only positive things can come. 

Here's to showering our loved ones with not only thrifted, eco, reusable gifts they actually need this Christmas but ones that are also wrapped up in a way that won't damage the planet. 

1. Paper Wrapping

Plastic Free Wrapping

Gift wrap shouldn't have to be the traditional 'brown paper packages tied up with string'. This kraft paper has been printed with vegetable ink to ensure it can still be recycled whilst also having a traditional Christmas design.

We are super excited about this brand; when EcoVibe was launched in 2018, they vowed that their packaging would always be plastic-free. Single-use plastic is one of the most significant issues affecting our planet, and they are committed to helping make a change. 

Here's a little more about the paper

  • 6 Different designs
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Each roll is 4 Metres
  • Made from Kraft Paper
  • Printed with Vegetable ink
  • FSC
Gift wrapped Christmas presents

2. Paper Tape

'Sourcing paper tape was one of the first things I did before I even launched Plastic Freedom, as I knew just how much plastic I could save by making such a simple change... This paper tape from Eco Boy is the perfect swap, and they have some funky designs too!' Beth Noy

Last year Beth asked on her stories... 'What is your biggest dilemma coming up to the festive period and going plastic free?'. About 80% of the responses were about plastic tape and the need for an alternative. She was shocked by this as she thought I had shouted far and wide about these almighty rolls of tape, but as more and more people are starting to search for plastic free alternatives, Beth realised she needed to up my efforts! 

As you can see, there are some amazing options on our site for every occasion, so there really is no need for plastic tape! 

Paper Tape

3. Twine

This plastic free Flax twine that is compostable after use. 

Need we say anymore? 

No, but we will. Not only does this twine look stylish, but it's also practical and kind to the environment. So, if you like to go the extra mile with gift wrapping, why not give this ago.

We are also big fans of circular wrapping. This is a phrase we've just come up with, but essentially, we mean reusing gift wrapping. Save the ribbons, bows, tags, cards, paper and bags. If it looks lovely, save it. Get creative with how you gift wrap.

Woman Wrapping Presents

Get creative with plastic free gift wrapping

Gift wrapping doesn't have to cost the earth any time of year, especially at Christmas. Our gifts can still look delightful, and even more so, opting for plastic-free gift wrapping. 

If you have kids and have been sent home with piles and artwork they have made at school or childcare, why not turn that into gift wrapping, labels or cards. Make your own artwork; use dried fruits, fresh herbs, flowers, and leaves. If gift wrapping is your thing, get on Pinterest and let those eco-creative juices flow. 

Get creative with how you wrap or scrap the gift wrapping, whichever option you choose; just make sure you avoid the plastic because you don't want your gift wrapping to be around longer than you are.

November 03, 2022 — Corinne Jones