Eco Festival Essentials

With festival season well and truly upon us it's time to take a look at your festival kit, outfits and essentials. If you're in the market for anything festival related or want this year to be the year your reduce your negative impact at the summer festivals, then this edit is for you. So let's get to it.

1. Buy Pre Loved Festival Style

First and foremost, before buying anything, look in your wardrobe. Have a look, get some inspiration and see if there is anything you can add to your festival wardrobe. You don't always need to buy a new outfit. 

However, if you're big into festival fashion and like to buy something extra special for your weekend of dancing outside then why not opt for pre loved items this year

We love Vinted, charity shops and pre loved Instagram sellers like Thursday Thrifts for all things second hand, slow fashion and sustainable fits. Find low cost, pre loved items to bring a bit of slow fashion fun to your summer festivals. 

Also, we can't forget the awesome Slow South. Their jumpers, hoodies and tops are perfect for a comfy yet stylish look at any event this summer. 

Slow South

2. Bring your own cup

This is the most simple way to reduce your waste at a festival. Although, most festivals are conscious about this and offer their own reusable plastic cups, you're still using a plastic cup. Our stainless steel metal cups are the perfect summer addition, not only for festivals. They making enjoying beer and wine on the go easy. Clip them to your bag, to your wallet or your belt loop and that way you've got your hands free for festival fun and you're always ready to refill your drink! 

Shop our full collection of reusable beer and wine cups here.


3. Bring A Straw

If you're bringing your own cup, then why not bring your own straw to the festival. Most people love a drink with a straw and even though the paper ones are better than those dreaded plastic ones, they still don't compare to a stainless steel or bamboo one. A straw will take up no room in your bag and will make your cocktail or mocktail drinking all the more enjoyable!  

Let's not just stop at bringing your own straw, what about bringing your own reusable cutlery too! Maybe leave the knife at home, but what about chucking a spork in. That way you can avoid using someting that will get thrown away. If you're heading to a day festival, food festival or what something to use when you're grabbing a quick street food snack mid party, why not try one of our 


4. Eco Festival Make Up

Whether you're looking for going all out with mermaid glitter or something a little more low key like a coloured nail why not opt for more sustainable look this festival season. 

With some amazing eco glitters out there and face jewels what you can reuse again and again there is not reason to use harmful glitters to festival up your look. 

Zao Make Up has the most amazing collection of eco make up, with options for all skin tones and styles. Be sure to check out the full collection

Zao Make Up
June 22, 2023 — Corinne Jones
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