Plastic Freedom Loves

Vida Natural

From the Founder of Vida Natural, Sally Bunker.

"After watching some extremely disturbing documentaries on the devastating effect plastic is having on our world I found myself wondering how I could help. Did I really know where all the plastic I righteously put in my recycling bin was going? Am I putting the correct plastic in? What are genuine environmentally friendly alternatives? When researching I was astounded at how blissfully ignorant I was….

The majority of us want to help with the crisis but unfortunately we are either wasting our time due to unknowingly putting the wrong types of plastic in our recycling bins or do not have any other alternatives. There is a horrific amount of plastic pollution all over the world and lets be brutally honest we can’t fix the damage it has already caused. But surely we can prevent adding to it?

I looked at the most obvious day to day items I use and where can I cut out plastic. The obvious solution was to help others do the same. VIDA Natural was born!"

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