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Swag Bag

"Customers are always asking me - how on earth did I come up with the idea for The Swag?

I grew up on an acreage north of Sydney, Australia, surrounded by nature. My family and I largely lived off the land, so sustainability and reducing food waste became a core value of mine from an early age. Yet as I became a wife and mother, I felt a tremendous amount of guilt around how many rotting fruit and veggies I threw out every day from my fridge.

I realised that the plastic packaging allowed condensation to build, and it dawned on me that my fruit and vegetables were suffocating and sweating inside the bag.
With the support of friends and family, I set out on a journey to find a sustainable, natural solution.

After years of research, testing (occasional failure!) and product development, The Swag (named after the iconic Australian bushman’s swag) was launched in 2016. Since then, we’ve grown The Swag into an international sensation with stockists all over the world.

I’m excited for you to join us on this waste-free, plastic-free movement.

Happy Swagging!" - Peita - The Swag Founder

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