Everything you need for a waste free weekend away


Nothing beats a weekend away, whether you're jumping on a plane, train, car, bike or even on foot. A break from the norm, a chance to rest and recharge. It's something we are big fans of and whatever the weather (let's face it, it's been a bit of a wash out) we have got some of the best weekend away essentials.

First up, lets talk about entertainment. Who doesn't love a game of cards or a board game. Let your competitive side out and step away from the screens. Games like the EcoVibe Compostable Life Trivia game will get you questioning how sustainable you are in everyday life. With questions on science, fashion, quizzing your eco knowledge whilst learning new composting techniques this game is a must for rainy afternoon and evening in. 

Weekend essentials kept fresh and cool

Whether you like a picnic, snacks for the kids or something a little cooler like a icy beer we have got some great cool bags for you! One of our favourites is the BUSINESS & PLEASURE PREMIUM COOLER BAGnot only does it look insanely stylish, it's also practical and sustainable. Perfect for on the go and will keep your weekend treats fresh.

Business and Pleasure Cool Bag

Looking for something for a longer weekend days out?

Wanting to take your food and drink storage to the next level, then Yeti is the brand for you. Yeti know how to make products fit for adventure. The YETI HOPPER FLIP® SOFT COOLER - 8 would be a great addition to any mini break or weekend away.

Extreme insulation power plus durability are bare minimum requirements for every YETI cooler they make and they never stop there; their soft coolers are leakproof, waterproof, and quick to carry!


Weekend essentials should always include some sustainable drinks.

Travel Minis - But sustainable 

Travel minis have long been something that you see in the high street stores or in the airport and more of often than not they are packages in plastic, creating unnecessary waste. 

However, much to our delight, some amazing brands have stepped up and have created eco minis of their own and guess what we even have an entire section dedicated to them on our site, see our full minis collection HERE.


Does your weekend away include camping?

If the answer to that questions is yes, then you may need to buy this epic little plastic free camping kit. Perfect for your weekend away, festival adventure or just leave it in the back of the van for whenever you may need it.

Containing refillable screen-printed aluminium bottles meaning you never need to run out.

The pouch allows you to keep all the gear together and we think it looks super cool and perfect to carrying around. The most awesome thing about this pouch, is that it's made from off-cuts of recycled ex-festival tents, how insanely brilliant is that!

Grab yourself a FILL CAMPING KIT



There we have it, we have pulled together a wonderful bunch of sustainable weekend essentials. Hopefully, there is something in there that catches your eye and will help taking your mini break to a new sustainable level. 

Whether you want to pack light or take everything but the kitchen sink, we are sure you will find the perfect eco adventure essentials on the site and don't forget to check out our entire Outdoor & Travel section for more game changing sustainable products.

August 08, 2023 — Corinne Jones