The Natural Love Company

You may have noticed that a new brand has found its way onto our site who are shaking up the sex toy world, and we are here for it! The Natural Love Company have created some of the best Bondage, BDSM and Sex Toys with sustainability at the heart of what they do!

"Natural Love Company are seriously changing how we look at the sex toy industry; they plant a tree for every order, use ZERO plastic packaging, no single use batteries and run their business on renewable energy whilst being carbon negative!"

The products speak for themselves, so we cherry-picked a few that you guys will love. So grab a cuppa a settle down to find out more about this epic brand and the sex toys you're going to want to get your hands on. 

1. Ocean Recycled Plastic Sex Toys

"This is a world first I have seen and I am so excited what this means for the adult industry - the natural love company continue to lead the way!" beth noy - founder of plastic freedom

Sex toys made of recycled ocean plastics, yes, you have read that correctly. Can you believe it? 

Our minds have been blown as well. We love the ingenuity of this brand. Not only are their products amazing to use, but they are also helping turn ocean plastic waste into something people can enjoy and look so stylish to. Plus there are four toys to choose from!

Sex Toys

2. Bondage and BDSM: Kanuka Handcuffs

Bondage and BDSM like you've never seen before. There isn't any shiny black fabric here; it's just natural and, to be honest, quite beautiful looking.

The Kanuka Handcuffs feature a natural hemp jute colouring and are very soft for a rope-based product. They are pre-tied in a "Kinbaku" style with an easy-to-adjust tighten-and-release slip knot and tightening collar. 

Kanuka Rope is super versatile. Just want a length of rope to tie your partner's hands to the bedpost? It’s got you covered. Want to deep dive into the ancient and intricate Japanese erotic practice of Shibari? Well, it’s got your back too. Kanuka Rope is 5 meters long, plenty for various imaginative uses, with a good tooth (rope speaks for how well your knots will hold). Yet, very low cutting (rope speak for will it give you friction burns, Kanuka Rope is exquisitely soft) beautifully capped with stainless steal rope ends. 

The Kanuka Handcuffs

3. Sex Toys

Sex Toys come in all shapes and sizes but did you know that the production of sex toys could harm the environment. Thankfully this is where TNLC come in. 

Sex shouldn’t cost the earth, so they strive to run a carbon-neutral business; this means they offset every gram of carbon created from our day-to-day operations and from a distance covered by every beautiful package that leaves our door.

They recognise that we all leave a footprint behind us; thus, they promise to offset everything they can calculate and more. 

TNLC do this by regularly calculating our carbon footprint and then funding sustainability projects that include The Ocean Foundation and 1% For The Planet in a proportional way. In addition, with their partner Tree Nation, they help to fund tree planting initiatives around the globe and have so far planted over 6,000 trees!

You can read more about their Environmental Commitment here.

Now you can see why we love them and their sex toys! 

Sex Toy


"The rabbit is a classic for a reason, and Saro lets you select from either 3 constant vibration intensities or 9 different vibrating patterns to put you in full control of your unforgettable experiences with Saro!"

4. Natural Lubricants

Quite possibly the most stylish, looking lubricant that we've seen. It looks sophisticated and inviting, and what's better is it's in a 100% plant-based bottle. Lubricants are great to use during sex, on your own or when using sex toys. They are a great allrounder for the bedroom!

Their ’Simply Lube’ is a water-based personal lubricant intending to enhance sexual pleasure and sensitivity, but free from the usual nasties and known skin irritants which sexual lubricants usually contain (Glycerin, Glycol and Parabens, to name a few). Simply Lube contains 99.2% organic ingredients, including calming and soothing Aloe Vera.

Order a bottle and give it a go. You won't regret it!

Natural Lubricant

WHY I LOVE THESE: 100% Plant-Based Bottle Reusable Pump Lid Organic

5. Sex Toys for Him

Sex Toys aren't just for women, and believe it, or not many people still think they are. But fells we have a little something we think you might like. 

Enhancing dual stimulation for all, Cilantro combines a classic vibrating cock ring sex toy with soft rabbit ears for clitoral play. Crafted from lubricant-friendly silicone, the ring is designed to be worn tightly around the base of the penis, helping to restrict blood flow and, in turn, produce and maintain a stronger erection for a longer period of time.

The ridges along the vibrating pad work with the vibrations and ears to further stimulate the clitoris, delivering a heightened experience for you and your partner(s). Cilantro’s range of 7 vibrating patterns and intensities will ensure you find one to make you each feel good as you explore.

Cock Ring

"Enhancing dual stimulation for all."

Sustainable Sex Toys are here to stay!

Sex Toy Bundle

Have you tried their new sex toys?

We love this brand, and you can now see why it's our firm favourite. TNLC are bringing a fresh, sustainable approach to our after-dark antics, and we are here for it. They have shaken up the sex toy industry, and if you order something for yourself or your partner, they are bound to shake up your sex life too! If you haven't seen something within this blog post that ticks your boxes, then make sure you head over to our site to check out their full collection.

December 14, 2022 — Corinne Jones