Our tips for zero plastic this Easter

If you've taken a walk down the Easter Egg isle you may have been shocked to see the amount of plastic filled egg boxes filling up the shelves. Yes, brands are making a shift and it's awesome to see confectionary brands ditching the plastic but there is still ALONG way to go. Which is why we thought, lets share a little blog post on all the ways in which you can reduce you plastic waste this Easter. We aren't talking about boycotting the chocolate, what we're going to be sharing ways in which you can get crafting, creative, strip it all back and some of our favourite alternatives to plastic filled Easter Eggs. 

1. Plastic Free Easter Eggs

Yes, plastic free Easter eggs do exist and our friends at Tony's Chocolonely have delivered the Easter goodness. Their mini chocolate eggs are ready for sharing, not sharing or a egg hunt for the little ones. 

The flavour combinations are delicious and they are sure to be the star of the Easter weekend. 


  • Red - milk chocolate
  • Dark Blue - extra dark
  • Yellow - milk almond honey nougat
  • Orange - milk caramel sea salt
  • Light Blue - dark milk
  • Green - dark almond sea salt
  • Dark Green - milk hazelnut
  • Purple - milk pretzel toffee
  • Pink - white raspberry popping candy
  • White - white chocolate.

2. Easter Baskets

If you're a fan of a Easter basket and a like to put on a bit of a spread for the Easter weekend, then at all costs avoid the plastic! 

There are so many options available online when it comes to ethical, plastic free and aesthetically pleasing basket options, sweet treats and delights for those of you that like to go a little extra over the bank holiday. 

There really is no need to stick with the traditional plastic filled, plastic wrapped rubbish that is just going to fill up our landfills. 


3. Get baking

If the kids are at a loose end you want to avoid screen time for a while why not get them baking. Or if you're looking for a little escape then why not cook up an Easter storm.

Those chocolatey Easter cakes that you love, that normally come covered in plastic. The buns, the breads the sweet treats. You can make them all plastic free and they will still be delicious. 

Easter can actually be a really nice opportunity to get people together when you celebrate it or not, it's a time to get your friends together, family reunited and enjoy some delicious food, maybe some wine and make memories. 

Oh and did we mention there are some divine chocolate bars on the site that will elevate all of your Easter baking. 


4. Sustainable Easter Feast

Love a traditional Easter Sunday roast dinner? 

Well, if you do, then why not try and buy a little closer to home. Support your local butcher, farm shop or green grocer. They need our support and they are are the people closest to the food grown on your doorstep - or a little closer.

We have said it before, probably on one of our Christmas blogs, but less is more. Don't feel you have to splash the cash and go over the top. The pressure can be there, especially if you have young children, but you don't have to spend a fortune to have a wonderful weekend. 

And if you're looking to buy some ethical wine to enjoy when you've had enough chocolate then we have got you covered. 

March 20, 2023 — Corinne Jones