Gift ideas for the men in your life

We have pulled together our favourite items from the Freedom store to create our exclusive Eco Gift Guide for Men

Items that will bring them joy, practice presents to make their lives sustainable and treats to take Christmas day to the next level. 

With items for every budget, we are sure there will be something to meet your gift-giving needs. Now that's enough chat from us, grab yourself a cuppa and feast your eyes on the best eco and ethical gifts for men. 

1. Shaving and Beard Care

Beards are here to stay, and if your loved one has facial hair that needs a little TLC, then we have the products for you. Beard balms and creams are our big favourites, making the perfect gift and stocking filler for Christmas. Our balms are natural and sustainable and will leave anyone's beard looking on point. They are a great way to introduce someone to eco beard care.  

Now, if the man in your life doesn't have a beard, all is not lost. We have some great products for the clean-shaven guys. Plastic-free razors that will last, eco  shaving creams. Gifts that they can treasure and use with pride. 

We have picked three of our top products to shop for this Christmas, but as always, we have so much online. Check out the shaving and beard care products online for more gifting ideas. 

Beard Balm

2. On the go

Life is paced, coffees are grabbed on the go, lunch has to be eaten on the road, and the key to living sustainably on the go is to be prepared. 

We are talking about carrying a water bottle, coffee cup and cutlery with you. Minimising your chance of using disposable items on the go is the best way. This is why we love our eco products for the on-the-go. They make great gifts, and let's face it, who doesn't love a practical present. 

Here's our pick of the best items for the on-the-go life, but we have much more to offer.

Desk Buddy set

Eco Gifts for men on the move

3. Self Care

Selfcare is whatever you want it to be, which is why we love it. We are all about making time for ourselves, and what better gift to give someone than something that may help them feel more relaxed, rejuvenated and just generally awesome. 

We have pulled together skincare, bath care and the products we believe can help someone unwind, switch off and relax. 

Men are taking more of a vested interest in skincare and self-care, which is great, especially when those products are kind to the planet and their skin. 

Feast your eyes on our top self-care products and get that Christmas shopping list ticked off. 

Mens Toning Set

4. Beers & Spirits

Fancy getting the man in your life his favourite tipple? Well, ever thought of getting a sustainable alternative?

Did you know alcohol can be incredibly demanding on the environment, making it unsustainable? I'll give you a second to cry... Now wipe those tears away because we've been working hard to bring you an ENTIRE SUSTAINABLE ALCOHOL range! These brands are focused on great-tasting alcohol that doesn't cost the earth, and we couldn't be prouder to bring them to Plastic Freedom After Dark! 

Our virtual alcohol cabinet is stocked with gins, beers, wine, whiskeys and rums. All are sustainably produced and the perfect eco gift for men. 

Treat them to something extra special, something they may have never tried before, but you know what they will love. 

Bottles of beer

Eco Gift Inspiration

5. Gadgets

Check out our sustainable gadgets and outdoor cooking kit if you're looking for something a little bigger, a gift that will leave them feeling like a kid a Christmas. 

We have pulled together some awesome gift ideas, from eco BBQs to speakers. Made using sustainable materials, kind to the planet and also award-winning. Ticking a lot of boxes? We thought so!

Prepare to find the perfect extra special eco gift!

Sustainable speaker
November 21, 2022 — Corinne Jones