Zero Waste Club Stainless Steel Razor + 10 Blades
Zero Waste Club Stainless Steel Razor + 10 Blades
Zero Waste Club Stainless Steel Razor + 10 Blades
Zero Waste Club Stainless Steel Razor + 10 Blades
Zero Waste Club Stainless Steel Razor + 10 Blades
Zero Waste Club Stainless Steel Razor + 10 Blades
Zero Waste Club Stainless Steel Razor + 10 Blades

Zero Waste Club


The best selling product by far on Plastic Freedom and this get's me SO excited because it means so many of you are saving a lot of plastic waste for years to come as well as saving money! You get the cleanest shave with zero waste!

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Switching to a safety razor has been one of my FAVE plastic free swaps yet! It saves money, so much waste and gives the smoothest shave whilst looking stunning in your bathroom!

If this is your first time switching to a safety razor then be prepared... to be amazed!! The quality of the shave you get with a safety razor is incredible and once you get over 'the fear' you'll wonder why you didn't switch before! Just check out my instagram for so many people raving about making the swap!


  • x1 Rose Gold Stainless Steel Razor
  • x10 Astra Razor Blades
  • Cardboard Box
  • Lifetime guarantee


Included with this razor are x2 blades but you can buy replacement packs of blades on my site too! It's easy to change too:

  1. Unscrew handle
  2. Remove the top part of the razor
  3. Slot in the new blade
  4. Screw back together
  5. tip - make sure the grooved part of the top of the razor is facing up!


  1. Don't apply force when shaving - These are heavier than a normal razor so you really just need the lightest touch
  2. Angle correctly - This will take some getting used to but use trial & error to make sure the hair is being cut, when you get it right you'll have the smoothest shave ever!
  3. Use a good shaving soap - This will stop any shaving rash as you need to give a good barrier for the blade to glide!
  4. Start with your legs - When you're then super confident and no longer scared, move onto EVERYWHERE ELSE!
        • YOU SAVE MONEY - Think about how many razors you've bought over your lifetime, plus the blades that go on them are so expensive! When you switch to a safety razor you are buying once and the blades are about £3 for a pack of 5 which will last months!
        • ZERO PLASTIC PACKAGING - Not only are 'normal' razors not designed to last but the sheer amount of plastic packaging on the razor and the blade packs is just insane! By buying one of the brands I stock you can be rest assured that they are 100% plastic free packaging and they are sent to me plastic free too!

        About Zero Waste Club

        "Feeling frustrated and let-down by the extent of the damage we have done to our environment, two friends - Rishi and Pawan - went in search of answers. While the markets are changing slowly, they noticed that many products that are eco-friendly are given a luxury label. They also found that many products sold under the “eco” label tend to stretch the definition of sustainability. Thus they decided to start their own journey to produce truly sustainable, beautifully designed, ethical and vegan essentials at affordable prices.

        And here we are!

        We want to do more than just make beautiful eco-friendly products. So we are going to make the most transparent, ethical, sustainable goods company on earth. Opening up our supply chain fully for everyone to see. To show that there is a nicer way to do business. Hopefully this will inspire other businesses to do the same."

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