Vivo Life Vegan MAGIC Raw Hot Chocolate - 120gVivo Life Vegan MAGIC Raw Hot Chocolate - 120g
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Vivo Life Vegan MAGIC Raw Hot Chocolate - 120g


Experience the magic of mushrooms with delicious tasting instant vegan lattes from Vivo Life and their MAGIC Raw Hot Chocolate!


Why I Love This


Experience the magic of mushrooms with delicious tasting instant vegan lattes from Vivo Life and their MAGIC Raw Hot Chocolate! Just add hot water or your favourite plant milk!

"Magic Mushroom Coffee has been expertly blended to support productivity, creativity and focus. I use it after my meditation as my morning go-to before a busy day." Charlotte Cliffe, Vivo Life Nutritionist.


  • RELAX - Since ancient Chinese medicine reishi has been used to promote relaxation and support healthy sleep cycles
  • UNWIND - Ashwagandha naturally reduces cortisol levels and helps to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • CHILL - Deliciously creamy raw hot chocolate gently spiced with Ceylon cinnamon. Just add your favourite plant milk, kick back and enjoy!


    Vivo Life have now switched to home compostable packaging and you will see this logo on all of the bags! This is an amazing step for the company to take and it's why I'm super happy to be stocking it!


    • With Reishi Mushroom, Ashwagandha and Ceylon Cinnamon.
    • Rich raw hot chocolate with cacao, coconut milk and cinnamon
    • Reishi mushroom to promote relaxation and healthy sleep cycles
    • Ashwagandha to lower cortisol and strengthen your stress response
    • Fruiting body dual extract reishi powder
    • Just add hot plant milk, stir and enjoy!
    • 120G / 12 SERVINGS

      HOW TO USE

      1. Gently heat your favourite plant milk on the hob then transfer to a mug.
      2. Stir in one tablespoon of MAGIC, relax and sip slowly!

              Raw Cacao powder (40%), coconut sugar, coconut milk powder, reishi mushroom (15:1 fruiting body extract), ashwagandha root extract (4:1), ceylon cinnamon powder


              Almost all of the magical health benefits of mushrooms are found in the ‘fruiting body’ that grows above ground – A.K.A the mushroom that we eat! But sadly, almost all major mushroom suppliers use the cheap mycelium extract that is taken from the roots of the mushroom that grow underground before the fruit is fully developed. Unsurprisingly, these mycelium extracts contain a fraction of the health benefits of the real mushroom!

              However Vivo Life like to do things a little differently! Which is why all of our Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps uses the full fruiting body of the mushroom, highly concentrated with polysaccharides and beta-glucans, and dual extracted for optimal absorption. It’s these little details that make our mushrooms much more MAGIC!

                        vivo life

                        About Vivo Life

                        "Our mission here is simple. To make 100% plant-based health and fitness products, to help you look and feel awesome without costing the earth.

                        To say goodbye to artificial colours, flavours, fillers, binders, skinny teas, diet pills and false promises.

                        To stand up for our planet and all the living beings that we share it with.

                        This is the NEW generation of supplements."

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