UpCircle Makeup Pads - x7 Pack

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I absolutely swear by reusable face rounds! You buy these ONCE, wash after each use with some hot water and soap, then pop in the washing machine inside the mesh bag once a week and you repeat this for years! You save so much waste and money!

These facial rounds from Upcircle are made from 70% plant fibre and 30% cotton and are designed to replace disposable face wipes that are harmful to the environment and will last for years!

These are SO soft on your skin so you can remove your makeup easily without leaving it sore and dry like makeup remover wipes do. 7 pads included, one for each day of the week. Triple layer pads feel silky soft on your skin!


  • Zero waste, plastic free and kind to your skin!
  • x7 pack
  • Each round is approximately 3" diameter
  • Triple layer pads are gentle on your skin
  • Washing instructions: Machine wash warm with like colours, dry in dryer (pads are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinkage)


  1. Run under warm water and use your favourite make up remover to take off your makeup.
  2. Use a little warm water and a soap bar to remove excess makeup so you can use again the next day
  3. When they need a deep wash, pop them in the mesh bag, tie it shut so they don't escape and pop them in the washing machine


As we all know.. makeup is designed not to budge from your face, and it takes the same approach to fabric!

Therefore, after using your pads to remove eye makeup there will inevitably be some staining. Like a pillowcase, regardless of how much you wash them, they will never return to the pristine condition you bought them in - and that's okay.

There are however some ways that you can minimise the stains. When your pad is still damp having just washed off your makeup, rub it into your soap bar and run under the tap - this will get out the vast majority of the makeup before it's allowed to dry.

We chose cream coloured pads over black ones intentionally. Most people like to see that their last wipe is "clean" when removing makeup and it is therefor all off.

On a black pad, yes - you get no stains, but you also cannot see by looking at the pad when all of your makeup has been effectively removed.

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    Fiona M.
    They sre a Christmas present.

    They sre a Christmas present.

    Deborah H.
    Great reusable pads

    Great reusable pads - perfect for skincare routine. Saves so much cotton wool being throw away every day