Überlube Silicone Lubricant - 50ml

Überlube Silicone Lubricant - 50ml


Uberlube.is the product we've all been waiting for; not only is it the most incredible lubricant but it's designed to be used on-the-go as a anti-chafe protection! This high-end luxury lubricant, instead of just being slippery, is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction! 



 **PLEASE READ** Sometimes things can go wrong and unfortunately Überlube comes with a small about of plastic shrink-wrap over the nozzle to comply with hygiene standards. We thought these were plastic free but after further investigation they are not :( Due to us not being able to send these back we will be selling through this stock as the waste from not selling is not what we want (and the plastic would still be there). The plastic used is so minimal in comparison to other lubes out there so I still think it's an awesome product but will we be doing everything we can to encourage them to change this to plastic free wrap by not ordering again but please be aware when ordering that this will be the case. Remember; the world isn't perfect and we're doing everything we can to make waves in a area that is still new to a lot of people!

Überlube is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction. It feels amazingly silky and performs as long as you're using it. When Überlube stops being manipulated, it starts to dissipate, leaving skin soft and moisturized, never wet or sticky. 


  • SEX - überlube makes sex better for everyone by reducing friction, not sensation.
  • SPORT - Whether you're training for a Triathlon or just keeping in shape, überlube provides long-lasting, high-performance chafe protection.
  • STYLE - From taming frizz and conditioning ends, to achieving a smooth, healthy sheen, überlube is a multi-purpose styling solution for salons and home.


  • Long-lasting performance that lets skin feel skin
  • Simple, body- and condom-friendly ingredients
  • Dissipates when no longer needed—no sticky residue
  • Recommended by leading doctors
  • Scent- and colour-free


            • Dimethicone
            • Dimethiconol
            • Cyclomethicone
            • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
            • Überlube is compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms.
            • Überlube is not compatible with polyurethane condoms.
            • Überlube is compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms.
            • Überlube is not compatible with polyurethane condoms.

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                    About Überlube

                    "Feeling is everything. That’s the premise I launched this company under and the reason we continue to operate the way we do today. Over the years, I have personally refined überlube through hundreds of iterations of formula, to bring you a product that doesn’t just reduce friction, but lets skin feel and interact with skin in a way that’s natural and intimate. This is a unique characteristic of our product and is the foremost reason why people buy and continue to use überlube and nothing else!"

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