Rugged Nature Straight Razor

Rugged Nature


These straight razors are the sure-fire way to get your closest ever shave and are the perfect replacement to polluting plastic disposable razors and cartridges. 

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These straight razors are the sure-fire way to get your closest ever shave and are the perfect replacement to polluting plastic disposable razors and cartridges. 

Made from rosewood and stainless steel each razor will give you years of service and with blades costing less than 10p each it will be sure to save you money too! 

Rugged Nature design amazing products for the most adventurous of men and is formulated with only natural ingredients, there are no toxins or harmful chemicals - just 100% natural, healthy hold.


    • Plastic-free
    • 100% natural
    • Vegan
    • Straight razor
    • 10 pack of braids
        HOW TO USE

          There’s one thing you need to keep in mind here: A straight razor shave takes time. Like, way more time than a cartridge or electric shave—15 minutes, at least. 

            1. Jump in the hot shower, which will also soften the hairs and allow for a smoother shave. Then apply a pre-shave oil to condition the skin.
            2. Hold the razor at 30-degree angle from the face. Keep the grip firm, adjusting as necessary for the different parts of the face, like the upper lip and chin.
            3. Pull the skin taut with your other hand (or by stretching the neck), and applying gentle pressure with the blade.
            4. Pick one side of the face, and start at the sideburn, moving downward.
            5. After each short stroke, rinse the blade in hot water and continue. 

          The Chin & Upper Lip

            1. Lift the razor slightly as you approach the chin, and use the middle of the blade.
            2. You can approach the two sides of the upper lip as you would the cheeks, with short, steady strokes. Pull the opposite side of the lip taut, however, to flatten the skin.

          The Lower Lip & Neck

            1. Practice adjusting your mouth so that the skin of your lower lip is widened and tightened.
            2. Take the first strokes from the corner of your mouth, across the skin to the center of your chin.
            3. You can then shave any remaining hairs with short upward strokes; start from the top of the chin, and let the razor follow the contours beneath your lips.
            4. Be especially careful on the neck, both to avoid cuts and to minimize irritation.


          Finally, repeat to tidy up / for a cleaner shave.

                About Rugged Nature

                "Rugged Nature began in 2018 when as a family we needed an alternative to high street hair products because all of the common brands had perfumes which were causing our asthmatic mother to well.. not be able to breathe. We decided to make our own solution to this problem, so began experimenting with some natural ingredients to make less scented alternatives.

                After months of formulating and testing we arrived with some of the first products we still have today, hair waxes made from only a handful of Natural UK sourced ingredients to gain results which are a wonderful natural alternative to the products on the high street.

                Now Rugged Nature is an expanding brand of natural cosmetics, and if you haven't tried it out yet, we would invite you to give it a go!

                Tested on students, not animals, handmade in the UK and fully CPSR tested you can be sure you are buying a safe, quality product either for yourself or as a gift to a loved one."

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