Primal Suds Smoo Bar Soap - 120gPrimal Suds Smoo Bar Soap - 120g
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Primal Suds Smoo Bar Soap - 120g


This zero waste and all natural soap from Primal Suds arrived completely plastic free to me and I will ship completely plastic free to you!


Why I Love This


This zero waste and all natural soap from Primal Suds arrived completely plastic free to me and I will ship completely plastic free to you!

This amazing Smoo Soap smells like sherbet lemons and I just can't get enough of it! It's lovingly made with May Chang, Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Lime and Bergamot to give an amazing zesty twist all over!

Spirulina and green clay have also been added to give a punch of colour and exfoliation so you'll feel clean and fresh without any nasty ingredients!

Primal Suds working their socks off to create amazing natural soaps in completely biodegradable packaging so it's not only kind to your skin - it's kind to the earth too!


    • 120g
    • Plastic free
    • Biodegradable packaging
    • Vegan
    • Free from parabens & petroleum based compounds
    • Jojobo Oil, Green Clay & Spirulina
    • Full ingredients list in the tab below

        Rather than explaining all the horrible stuff we DON’T put in our soap, it’s probably just easier to tell you what we DO put in….

        • Coconut OilAll of our soaps have a much higher percentage of coconut oil to the other oils, its sustainable, moisturising and nourishing on the skin, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
        • Olive Oil: Moisturising and nourishing. An anti-oxidant.
        • Where some other companies use palm oil, we don’t and won’t. We use Rapeseed oil instead and find its moisturising and lather properties kinder for you and the planet.
        • Shea Butter: Moisturising, hardens the bars making them last longer, stretching out your suds mate.
        • Clays & Charcoal: Absorbent qualities draw nasty stuff from skin. Naturally exfoliating, so there’s no need to push too hard. As with all charcoal products they may cause temporary bath smut…rinse and rub the tub and it goes away…like nothing ever happened.
        • Natural Essential Oils: All with different healthy properties, aromatherapeutic, revitalising and smell real good. (IF PREGGERS CONSULT DOCTOR BEFORE USING)
        • Natural Exfoliants:  Oats, Chia, Tea, Hemp, Clay, Charcoal…these also naturally colour our soaps, in some cases we use Spirulina or Annatto seeds as we do not use any artificial colours….well we don’t use artificial anything.
        • Lye: Lye is Sodium Hydroxide, mixed with water to make an extremely alkaline solution, when added to the fats it undergoes the transformation into soap. Once the process is finished no lye remains in the finished product, it’s changed into soap. Without lye you can’t make soap but don’t worry, people been doing this donkeys years….it’s safe.
          primal suds

          About Primal Suds

          "Primal Suds was created as a result of us ourselves moving away from conventional soap products and deciding to make our own. This way we knew exactly what was going onto our skin and being absorbed by our bodies. What started off as a means to control our own wash-time needs and requirements quickly became an idea for the business we have today.

          Our ethos is to make natural soaps affordable and obtainable for people wanting to leave synthetic and additive pumped soaps behind, we offer a natural alternative without unrealistic prices often attracted to this kind of product. Our aim is for people to be able to use Primal Suds everyday without having to go without other luxuries. Yes our soap is a luxury but it’s not something we want people to just display in their bathrooms, for the visual benefits of their friends….we want people to actually use it….therefore we made it affordable and offer boxed off deals where you can bulk up, stock up, pick what you like and soften the wallet blow with the discounted options.

          We’ve taken soap making back in time, hence our name Primal Suds.
          We use Mother Nature as the back bone to our products, including clays, charcoals and essential oils. We also use the historic hot process method using activated charcoal not only for its deep cleansing qualities but as nod to our ancestry soap makers mixing fats with fire ash to develop the first soaps known to man, these happened to be free of unearthly additives as well… just like all Primal Suds products."

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