Pet Impact Plastic Free Dog Treats - Something Smells Fishy

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Pet Impact Something Smells Fishy is an Omega-3 fatty acid rich treat box that your pet will love. Packed full of treats to help aid healthy skin, joints, heart and brain. The fishy treat bundle is a great go to for you when you want to reward your pet. 

  • Dried Sprats 100g
  • Fish Skin Cubes 80g
  • Pure Salmon Sticks 100g
  • Fish Training Treats 100g


  • Over 90% of our treats are sourced from the UK, with the rest sourced from the EU.

  • Each of the items in our chew boxes have been carefully selected to maximise sustainability

  • Utilising nutritious by-products that would have otherwise been thrown away.

  • You may not realise when browsing through, but the majority of these delicious treats are actually ‘offal’ e.g. organ meats or animal by-products. Despite being highly nutritious and tasty (for humans and pets alike), offal is regularly thrown away in vast quantities due to poor public perceptions!

Besides reducing plastic waste, we have sourced treats with ingredients that offer a sustainable benefit where possible:

  • Fish skin is a regular waste product from the fish meat industry
  • venison is sourced from free-roaming local deer that require regular population control.
  • wild boar is considered an invasive pest species and also release carbon from the soil during their rooting activities!

"We conducted a 10-day study* on plastic waste generated from owning a dog, and the biggest contributor to non-recyclable plastic waste after poo bags was… that of treat packaging! A large majority of dog treats are still packed in not readily recyclable plastic that continues to add to our planet’s plastic pollution crisis." (*UK based survey conducted in 2021)