Pet Impact Reusable Pee Pads

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Pet Impact Reusable Pee Pads are going to save SO much waste for those with a new pup arriving in their lives! Help simplify toilet training your pop or caring for your incontinent friend, without costing the Earth.

This is a sustainable choice when it comes to puppy training pads and dog incontinence pads. The soft and fast-drying surface is comfortable on their paws and encourages use, while the non-slip base helps prevent falls and injury.

  • No more puddles or drops of urine staining your home

  • Simpler days without the need to frequently change urine pads

  • Peace of mind when you leave your dog alone at home

  • The rapid absorption of large volumes of urine and prevents splashes due to its large size

  • Significant cost savings over its lifetime compared to disposables

  • A neat and smart look for your home’s interior

  • Lightweight and foldable for easy portability

  • Lies flat and resistant to wrinkling

  • Vet-written guides on toilet training and incontinence to you can get off to the best possible start training your puppy or better care for your elderly companion


  • Extra large 90cm x 80cm (35.4” x 31.5”) - suited for large sized dogs

  • Large 80cm x 60cm (31.5” x 23.6”) - suited for medium sized dogs and puppies


Did you know when compared to disposable pads, reusable pads result in:

  • 71% less fossil fuel resources used
  • 52% less fossil fuels combusted for energy
  • 56% less water used
  • 61% less carbon emissions
  • 97% less solid waste generation
  • *When comparing the entire lifecycle of both products (e.g. resource extraction, manufacturing, processing, use, to end-of-life disposal), reusable pads outperformed disposable on all key environmental indicators. Resource: Evan Griffing and Michael Overcash, Life Cycle Environmental Assessment of Incontinence Pads: Reusable and Disposable