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Nkuku Karru Cotton Velvet Mini Stocking

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This cute mini stocking is made from cotton velvet which means you get the same soft feeling without the synthetic fibers! Let Santa fill up your sustainable stocking this year!

These are an amazing option in comparison to cheap Christmas stockings and the contrast between the natural texutre of the jute rim and the soft body is beautiful!

Simply hang by a fireplace fill with presents and your work is done. Each stocking has a practical hanging loop.


    • 13 x 4.5 x 0.5cm
    • Materials: Cotton Velvet, Linen, Jute

            Nkuku UK Warehouse to Plastic Freedom:

            • As of November 2019, all plastic void fill has been removed from our retail deliveries.
            • We have replaced our small boxes with recyclable paper mail bags. This has reduced the amount of void space and reduced the amount of cardboard used in our deliveries.
            • We have made a design change to our retail boxes; this has reduced our use of cardboard by 4 tonnes per year.
            • We are using recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard., we have also designed the boxes with a stylish print to encourage their reuse.
            • We now have a shredder at our warehouse that shreds any box that is unusable to create packaging material for ongoing deliveries. This material can then be recycled.

            Recent initiatives include:

            • Replacing bubble wrap with corrugated cardboard
            • Removing polystyrene from ALL packaging by 2021

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