Maters & Co Raw Oak Honey - 325g
Maters & Co

Maters & Co Raw Oak Honey - 325g


This premium raw oak honey has a beautiful 'treacly' taste and comes in this great looking glass jar!




This premium raw oak honey has come from the acorns of the Spanish oak tree. In the summer months, acorns release a sweet nectar which the bees feed off. This produces dark tones honey with a depth of fruitiness and earthen flavours.

"We love the dark colour of this unusual honey, and the lingering almost piney flavours that stay for minutes on the palate. It is full of interesting flavours, spicy, and almost treacly."

This oak honey has a much stronger flavour and caramel taste with a touch of fruitiness and subtle malt undertones. A delicious and overall incredibly tasty honey full of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

The colour of the honey can vary due to seasonal variations, which is normal with all raw honey.




With its lovely rich malty flavour oak honey is great for using in cakes, flapjacks, granola and some marinades.
        • 100% raw oak honey.

            Why I Love This

            I only stock brands that I use myself so you know when you order from Plastic Freedom, you already have that trust that it's been tried and tested!

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            About Maters & Co

            "After seeing a steady increase of foods which are genetically modified and sprayed with all kinds of chemicals, our core values, to help produce and source raw, natural products is stronger than ever. Supporting local and national producers by visiting and purchasing from them, as well as our overseas partners, helps to keep their small ethical businesses running and aiding their local environment."

            OUR PRODUCTS

            "We choose the highest quality of produce and pack them in the highest quality of packaging. We don’t cut corners in this regard. Our jars are branded with 21ct gold fired on at 580 degrees celsius. Our labels and boxes are hot foiled with gold to compliment these jars for a high quality finish and product. We feel, the produce is of the highest quality, and so the packaging should also reflect this level, quality on the inside out."

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