Love Logs Smoking Fuel Kit - LargeLove Logs Smoking Fuel Kit - Large
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Love Logs Smoking Fuel Kit - Large


Love logs is sustainably sourced in the UK, reducing road miles and supporting local economies! Their products come plastic free and they plant two trees for every order!



Level up your barbecue game this summer by using sustainable British charcoal and locally-sourced smoking chunks.

Added to hot coals, wood chunks add smoke, and therefore flavour, to any charcoal barbecue. We're not talking flipping burgers and spinning sausages - we're talking next level chicken, gorgeous fish and even whole roasts cooked over coal on your kettle barbecue or kamado.

We provide everything you need to cook epic barbecue with our fuel kits including natural firelighters, sustainable British lumpwood charcoal and smoking chunks.


  • 12kg Sustainable British Lumpwood Charcoal
  • Approx. 24 Smoking Chunks - your choice of two species
  • 16 Natural Firelighters
  • Enough for up to 8 cooks on a kettle barbecue


        • 100% plastic-free
        • Logs sourced exclusively from sustainable British woodlands
        • Two trees planted for every order
        • Logs are dried in biomass-fuelled kilns - sustainable fuel producing sustainable fuel!
        • Logs and kindling are guaranteed below 20% moisture content
        • The size and shape of logs vary naturally, but all of our logs are approx. 21 - 26cm long and up to 15cm thick
        • Kindling is approx. 15cm long

                          WHY LOVE LOGS

                          These natural firelighters are UK manufactured with no chemical smell and our super dry British kindling avoids a lighting anti-climax. The logs are kiln-dried British hardwood and Woodsure certified 'Ready to Burn', so they burn hot, long and with minimal smoke.

                          • Love logs plants two trees for every order.
                          • Love logs is 100% plastic free.
                          • High quality firewood emits less pollutants.
                          • Firewood is sourced exclusively from British woodland.

                                      Why I Love This

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                                      About Love Logs

                                      "We're passionate about the planet. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and it's the reason Love Logs was born! 

                                      Like you, we were horrified every time our firewood turned up either in plastic nets, or on a pallet bound in plastic wrap and knew we needed to do it differently. We wanted to offer a firewood solution that didn't involve us throwing away unnecessary plastic every time we stocked up on firewood.

                                      However just being plastic-free isn't enough, we want to be sure that everything we do is as sustainable and socially responsible as it can be. Here are some of the ways we make sure our firewood is planet friendly.

                                      Many UK log companies offer cheaper imported Eastern European firewood that travels over 1,000 miles to get to you. By only offering British firewood, we minimise road miles and reduce carbon emissions.

                                      Sustainable forests are managed to simulate natural patterns of disturbance and regeneration, so carefully selected trees are removed for firewood to create temporary gaps in the canopy that benefit the forest wildlife. Replacement trees are planted which balance out the carbon dioxide released by burning the felled trees, making the practice carbon neutral."

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