Lamazuna Oriculi Organic Ear CleanerLamazuna Oriculi Organic Ear CleanerLamazuna Oriculi Organic Ear Cleaner

Lamazuna Oriculi Organic Ear Cleaner


This organic bamboo ear cleaner is the perfect zero waste alternative to plastic cotton buds or q-tips!


Why I Love This


This organic bamboo ear cleaner is the perfect zero waste alternative to plastic cotton buds or q-tips! It's super easy to use and allows you to remove excess ear wax without damaging your ears or harming the environment!

These come with multiple pearl colours so each member of the household can easily identify their Oriculi.


      HOW TO USE
      • Use once or twice a week to remove visible earwax from the entrance to the ear canal. Do not go further in! And the outer ear? It is enough to wipe it with a tissue and your finger. Earwax has its benefits as it protects the eardrum, so it is important to protect it, even though it can be considered unsightly.
      • You can use the Oriculi to clean children’s ears, but it should be used exclusively by a calm adult. Use your finger to ensure the instrument cannot reach the eardrum if the child makes any sudden movements.


      • Length: 10 cm.
      • Width: 0.5 cm.
              DID YOU KNOW

                Lamazuna products are 100% -

                • free from animal testing
                • vegan
                • high-quality & natural
                • sustainable
                • PETA approved

                  About Lamazuna

                  "The history of Lamazuna goes back to my childhood. All because my Mom had banned cotton swabs at home!

                  They supposedly caused earplugs. Instead, we wound a tiny bit of cotton on a toothpick with a cut tip. It was a bit laborious, so we didn't do it often, and our ears were fine with it.

                  Then came adolescence and the need for deodorant. I didn't really need it but it was "too shameful" not to put it on after sports in the college locker room. Except Mom didn't want them used either, anti-perspirants would supposedly block toxins inside the body and potentially promote breast cancer. Result: I hastened to go and buy some sneaky and hide it in the back of my cupboards (Mom if you read me, you see the t-shirt shelf ?!)
                  It was not out of a spirit of contradiction, it was simply that it seemed to me IM-POS-SIBLE that we could find products in stores that wouldn't be harmful to us.

                  Ah if I had known that years later I would create my own organic and natural deodorant or the Oriculi!"

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