HANX Vegan Condoms Large - x3 PackHANX Vegan Condoms Large - x3 PackHANX Vegan Condoms Large - x3 Pack

HANX Vegan Condoms Large - x3 Pack


I have been asked so many times for the best eco-condoms and after a lot of research I am pleased to be a stockist of HANX vegan condoms for so many reasons...



I have been asked so many times for the best eco-condoms and after a lot of research I am pleased to be a stockist of HANX vegan condoms for so many reasons...

I did not realise that condoms weren't vegan until starting my research so it's the only option I wanted to stock. I love HANX because they look amazing (the guys & girls at Plastic Freedom thought I had ordered perfume when they arrived because they look so nice), they're made from high quality all-natural and fair rubber meaning they aren't a burden on the environment and you can chuck ‘em in your compost with your banana skins as they’ll start to decompose after 3 months!


  • HANX SIZE: 54mm Width and 190mm length.
  • HANX WIDTH: Condoms don’t get much thinner, HANX are only about 0.05500000mm thick. ("Struggling to picture how thin that is? Same. So we looked it up. And to use a very topical analogy, it’s roughly the width of one lonely, little pube.")
  • Does HANX contain spermicide? NOPE
  • Does HANX have parabens? NOPE
  • HANX INGREDIENTS: HANX condoms are made of natural rubber, corn starch powder and silicon oil. The rubber has been vulcanised from rubber latex by using sulfur, zinc oxide, accelerators and soap. The chemical input is as low as possible, whilst ensuring safety.
  • HANX COMPATIBILITY: Lubricants should be tested for condom compatibility, as only water or silicone based lubricants can be used as oil based products can damage the latex. Please check our information leaflet inside each HANX packet carefully for full details.


    The wrapper on the condom itself is not 100% plastic free but the reason I chose to stock HANX is that I haven't come across a brand that currently offer a plastic-free wrap on the condom itself. However I did choose these as there is no plastic wrap on the individual boxes and they sent them to me 100% plastic free which makes them the best option I've found!


    HANX always look to be as sustainable as possible (which is why I love them!)...

    • Reducing energy consumption, chemical load, and waste.
    • HANX production has a waste water treatment and compared to plastics, rubber articles degrade very quickly
    • HANX are made from latex which has been fairly sourced and traded.
    • HANX have been certified as Fair Rubber which means the way they source, grow and manufacturer their latex condoms is with gentle love and care. This also means the people who work on such latex plantations work reasonable hours and paid a living wage.
    • Production in Germany enables a more sustainable transport than condoms from Asia


      HANX condoms don’t contain casein, an animal protein usually found in condoms. Instead, HANX use thistle extract to make the condoms silky smooth.
          • The Vegan Society
          • HANX condoms are verified by the CE mark and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety. Condoms are a reliable protection but no contraceptive can protect 100% against pregnancy, HIV and/or sexually transmitted infections.



              About Hanx

              "In a chat over lunch, Farah was telling Sarah a story about a friend who had been ‘caught’ buying condoms by her sniggering (male) boss.

              It got them thinking that everything about condoms is wrong – overtly masculine, garish and with cringey names.

              Even today, in a world where our health and wellbeing matter more than ever, men that carry condoms are seen as studs but women are considered one pair of crotchless pants away from a red window in Amsterdam.

              Farah and Sarah created HANX shortly after. A brand dedicated to creating a range of sexual health products that are gynaecologist approved and designed to sit unashamedly in our bags and on our bedside tables. "

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