Flawless Makeup Brush Set - x11 Brushes

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I am SO excited to finally have stock of some amazing makeup brushes which come in ZERO plastic packaging! They arrived completely plastic free with me and I can assure you there will be no plastic wrap on any of them!

This vegan makeup brush set does contain nylon bristles but I am unable to find any vegan and completely plastic free makeup brushes out there so these are an amazing option as they do not come in any single use plastic packaging.

I personally would never use animal hair makeup brushes (there is a lot of animal cruelty in the production of animal hair makeup brushes) and opt for nylon as they are designed to last for years and will not be thrown away. Make sure you wash regularly and these will be in tip top shape for a long time!

Unlike animal hair, synthetic fibres are non-porous, allowing more of your makeup to be applied to your skin rather than being absorbed into the hairs, causing a build up of product and bacteria. This enables less wastage of your makeup and is much healthier for your skin.

Each brush boasts a sustainably sourced bamboo handle. Bamboo is a strong grass which is harvested and used in the beauty industry for its anti-bacterial properties. Due to being a natural material each brush handle will be unique.

The ferrules of each brush are made from recycled aluminium and can be recycled again at the end of their life (although, that won't be for a very long time because Flawless brushes are designed to last!)


  • Vegan
  • Plastic Free packaging
  • Super soft nylon Bristles!

        This professional 11 piece makeup brush set comes in an organic cotton cosmetics bag and includes:

        • Contouring Brush
        • Flat Foundation Brush
        • Buffing Brush
        • Powder Brush
        • Blending Brush
        • Diffusing Brush
        • Eye Blending Brush
        • Small Flat Brush
        • Hard Angled Brush
        • Kabuki brush

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